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For those of you who stumbled in unaware, KiSS stands for "kisekae set system". This comes from the Japanese phrase "kisekae ningyou", which apparently means dressing up dolls. KiSS sets are a kind of computer paper doll (environmentally friendly; no trees died to make these dolls).Originally, most KiSS dolls were based on anime characters, but lately they've been branching off in all directions.
I started making KiSS dolls in the summer of '97, and as you can see from my sparse output, I'm not exactly the speediest artist around.
I think I've solved the downloading problem; if I haven't, please contact me.Geocities does not accept lzh files, so I've thrown the lzh files into StuffIt. It's not a very elegant solution, but it's the only way that I could get them on the page. The first few times I tried this the files came back garbled, but they seem to be working now.

Hala,brunette teenagerThis is my first doll. I didn't clean my sketch up very well, and her edges are not very
Nuala, lavender haired troll babyNuala still has blurry edges. I think when I made her I had figured out that I should be cleaning my scans more carefully, but I was too lazy to do
Tamzin, dark haired eurasian womanTamzin is the first doll that I cleaned up pixel by pixel. It was a tedious process, but I was pleased with the
Delirium of the Endless, from Sandman comicsI love Delirium, but true to her name, she drove me crazy. I tried to make all the clothes she ever wore in Sandman, but I keep feeling like she put something new on every time I wasn't
Haruko from Roujin ZHaruko is my first anime character. I had been hesitant to draw an established character because I was afraid I wouldn't do it justice. I think I was
Robin, black man with long dreadlocksWith Robin I went back to an original character, and I think I'm happier with the result. download
Little Froglet, doll based on my daughterI decided to try modeling a doll on an actual person, and came up with Little Froglet - my daughter. download
Little Froglet

To play with these KiSS sets you will need a KiSS viewer. You can find viewers for several different platforms at The Big KiSS Page. They also have a huge selection of dolls. Other places with dolls can be found here.

Special thanks to Frogland, The Froggy Page and The Frog Pond for some of the little critters on these pages.Frogs may have followed me home from other sites; if you see your froggies, drop me a line and I'll be happy to credit you.

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