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Below, are some cool internet sites that I have checked out and liked enough to list them here for you to check out too!


The Daliy Wav A great site with a list of new wavs everyday!
Jeff Levy On Computers A local radio stations' computer talk show host's web page.
The "Adam-12" Home Page A great page dedicated to the 1970s TV show.
"Erika and Rozane's Emergency! Home Page Another cool '70s TV show.
Doug Anderson's Home Page Check out the monthly "WebParody" page, its a hoot!


Rackster's "Bio" Page
Who is this Rackster fella anyway?
Rackster's "EMS" Page
Lots of EMS links!
Rackster's "Trivial Pursuits" Page
Trivia related links!
Rackster's "Law Library" Page
Legal reference links!
Rackster's "Rack's Treks" Page
Rack's favorite links!
Rackster's "Reference Library" Page
Research links!
Rackster's "Internet Tool Box" Page
Lots of free software links!
Rackster's "Super Sleuth" Page
Investigative links!
Rackster's "California Connections"
Local web sites!
Rackster's "Credits" Page
Where Rack's says his "Thank Yous"!
Rackster's "Political Pundants" Page
A ton of political links!
Rackster's "Net Search" Page
Search the net with one of 20 search engines!
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