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As with many a trivia buff, its fair to say that Rackster is a little bit inquisitive. So along with noting meaningless facts, Rack loves to search for the answers to many questions and solve interesting puzzles. However, he approaches a mystery more like Maxwell Smart rather than Sherlock Holms, hence the background music and may also explain why he's a gurney jockey and not a gumshoe. In any case, during his search for answers, The Rack has come across the various links below that may assist you in locating a long lost friend or whoever! It should be noted, this page is intended for personal use only!


SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX SEARCH Ancestry Home Town's new beta SSDI search engine lets you search by name, narrow by SSN number, state issued, and by DOB. Returns: Full name, DOB, Date Of Death, Zipcode where death occured, zipcode of beneficuary. Great Web search that's NOW free! Click on to their link below to check out some other great search tools!

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER VALIDATION DATABASE Will tell you if an SSN number is valid or has ever been issued.
VITAL RECORDS DATABASE Database Of State Sources Of Vital records (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death records.
MILITARY LOCATOR SERVICE Is your missing friend in the armed services? This database actually locates people in the military for you. Nothing could be easier and the cost for this search is GREAT!
DIRECTORY OF DATABASE SERVICES Set up an an information stop for investigative journalists, this site lists links to very useful investigative type databases many on the net.
BEST GENEALOGY LINKS ON THE WEB Very good site with links to important databases and other helpful information.
GENEALOGY TOOLBOX All kinds of helpful tools and links plus links to searchable databases.
ANCESTRY HOME TOWN This site has four free search indexes and 135 fee for service search engines!
MOVIE/ACTOR INFORMATION LOOKUP Ketword search for movie data and actor bios.
COUNTY LOCATOR DATABASE Input an address and city, state or address and zip code. You'll get a corrected address and county address it is located in.
FREQUENTLY OCCURING NAMES IN AMERICA This is a U.S. Census Bureau site that will tell you how many same names you'll have in a search. Great for determining problems down the road in a missing persons investigation with common names.
THE REUNION NETWORK Network has searchable database of adoptees and/or birhtparents looking for each other.
NATIONAL ADDRESS SERVER United States Post Office Database that actually corrects addresses and gives you zip plus 4. Great search to use before you run credit bureau headers.
INTERNET SLEUTH Over 1,000 searchable databases on the net. Very good place!
SEARCHING FOR PEOPLE A very good links site maintained by the University Of Texas. Links to searchable directories, finger utilities, and FAQ sites.
SHERLOCK HOLMS CONSULTING DETECTIVE With a nice little Sherlock Holms twist, this site has very good info on new ways of searching out stuff on the internet. You'll like it.
ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE SMALL BUSINESS RESOURCES This is a huge, helpful and very cool site with tons of business resources in it. Highly recommened.
ALPHA LIST OF FTP SITES This is a HUGE list of FTP sites and would be of interest to anyone doing FTP searching.


BIGFOOT Bigfoot claims to have the Internet's largest collection of e-mail addresses and "white page" listings. One thing is for sure, its searches are fast!

FOUR11 This people search engine will let you search for the addresses and email of people all over the U.S.
DATABASE AMERICA'S PEOPLE FINDER This is a telephone, address, name and address database that appears to be much better than Switchboard. However, you can only search by name or telephone number. Can not search by address.
INFO SPACE Find people searches, telephone directories in USA, Canada and other countries. There is also a yellow pages search, e mail finder, local, city directory database, Toll free number database, fax number database, and government telephone number directory. One of the best on the net.
LOOKUP USA You can look up 88 million households and 10 million businesses from this site and do a greast deal of other things.
SWITCHBOARD Free surname searches, address, and telephone number criss-cross lookups. Contains both residential and business databases.
WHOWHERE? This massive database locates phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, company web sites. Searches all databases at one time.
YAHOO PEOPLE SEARCH This is a very good site that lets you conduct FREE surname searches, gives you a national criss-cross directory, lets you search for people's email address and search for thier home page.
THE BIG BOOK 11 million U.S. businesses. Will tell you if a company has a web page. See any business in the U.S. on a Map.
YELLOW PAGES ONLINE Lists about 18,000,000 businesses.
ATT TOLL-FREE INTERNET DIRECTORY Locate any toll free number.
INTERNET ADDRESS FINDER Internet Address Finder has 3,908,102 listings and growing! It will locate an e-mail address of almost four million people. Internet Address Finder (IAF) is the easiest and most comprehensive e-mail white pages on the Internet.
FINGER: HOW TO FIND OUT WHO'S ONLINE RIGHT NOW Site explains what finger is and gives you links to do it.
NORTH AMERICAN TELEPHONE NUMBERING PLAN A system used by US telephone companies to assign telephone numbers and area codes. Has very good and current area code lookup and other useful information.
INFOPLUS INTERNET DIRECTORY The database of those who have registered containing name, address, e-mail, phone, fax.
SEARCH TELEPHONE BOOKS FROM AROUND THE WORLD You'll find phonebooks to search and lots of other directories.
FINGER GTEWAY Searchable finger index very useful.
DOMAIN NAME SEARCH Want to know if a domain name is registered? Here is where to look.
ESP EMAIL SEARCH PROGRAM Another good e-mail address finder with a finger search.



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