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This site's first home page was originally designed by Rat. Without his encourgement, I most likely would have never started this web site! Rat......Thanks Bro!

Many thanks to Geocities for providing this web site's server space! Geocities has met and exceeded Vice President Al Gore's challenge to the internet provider community to create a method to provide each american with an email address. Not only has Geocities done so at no cost to the individual, they have also found a way to provide each american with a free home page for personal use too! So if you are looking for a place to call home either for your personal needs or for your business needs, Geocities is an excellent place to locate. Their commerical web sites are priced competively and help offset the costs of providing free email addresses and web pages to all of america! Thanks again to Geocities!

For you "Non-INNers", those little faces you see on each of the pages are called "Emoticons". They are registered trade marks of the ImagiNation Network, and were stolen from BlackHawk's web site. Thanks BlackHawk!

Rackster's pictures on the "Welcome" page and on "Rackster's Bio" page are also from INN. They are part of what was specal about INN, and were captured with "Grabit Pro" for Dos. Thanks for the memories INN!

The titles of the cool music you've been hearing on each of the pages are:


They are from "Synapse Net's WWW/FTP Contributor's MIDI Collection" and "Chestnut's New Media MIDI Master Collection CD", - Vols. 1 - 5. The songs are most likely copyrighted. Oh well, thanks to Synapse Net and Chestnut anyway!

If you can't hear the great musical tunes listed above, thats because you may not have Microsoft's Internet Explorer. If you would love to hear all of these awesome songs, you can get Microsoft's Internet Exporer from either Rackster's "Welcome" page or the "Internet Tool Box" Page, just click onto their link on either of the pages.

My brother Rat, has a great web site and you can see it for yourself by going to Rackster's "Trivial Pursuits" page and clicking onto the RatsNest link! Rat also has some other really cool trivia related links. . . So after your done here, cruise on over to the RatsNest and check out another really cool internet spot!


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