tHiS iS My PaGe oF ThAi StArS. So FaR aLl i HaVe iS:

Dome Pakorn Lum LaSt UpDaTeD 2-22-99(pics from dangerous concert)

Raptor(Joni Anwa & Louis Scott) LaSt UpDaTeD 2-22-99 (pics from goodbye concert)--Joni&Louis car accident--

BuBbLe GiRLs NeW SiNcE 2-23-99

If you really want to see a certain star here, send the name to me and if I can, I'll try to make one. Also, email me if you want a Star's mail address because I have Joni, Louis, Tata, Ananda, Jenny, J, Por, and more. To see more pictures of stars, go here.

1998 oF TaNgMo pRoDuKShUnZ

SiGn My BoOk oR ViEw iT.

OtHeR HoMe fRiEnDs BoUt MeEh

UsE tHiS BaNnEr To LiNk To My PaGe

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