Welcome to the world of MERP or Middle Eath Role-Playing.

    This page is devouted to the world of MERP.  Middle Earth is a land of great wonder and fantasy.  Created by J.R.R. Tolkein, the world of Middle Earth became the setting for The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings.  The role-playing game created by Irown Crown Enterprises allows players to create and take on the roles of those famous characters created by Tolkein.  MERP is truly one of the most unique role-playing games because of the history and detail provided by Tolkein and Iron Crwon regarding the land of Third Earth.  During the course of this page I will seek to explain the world of Middle Earth and the game of MERP.
 Character Classes
 Races of Middle Earth
MERP Rules
 Sample Characters
 Land of Middle Earth
 Thanks for visiting my web page.  Be sure and check back as I will be updating this page often.  If you have comments or suggestions please e-mail me at MPFrederick0@mcnet.milligan.edu.

All information contained on this page is copyrighted by Iron Crown Enterprises.  Used without their permission.  Information is intended for internet use only and may only be downloaded with the permission of the owners.  A hard copy of this information can be bought at any local role-playing realitor.  Thanks for your cooperation.
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