Chambers Richard Chambers (d. date unknown) Richard Chambers154 was born in London, England154, and died date unknown.

Children of Richard Chambers are:

i. +Robert Chambers, d. date unknown.

Robert Chambers

Robert Chambers (son of Richard Chambers) He married Hannah Doren.

Children of Robert Chambers and Hannah Doren are:

i. +William Fletcher/Frederick Chambers, b. 1798, Monroe Co., WV (VA at this time)/Monroe Co., VA154, d. 1858, typhoid fever154.

William Fletcher/Frederick Chambers (b. 1798, d. 1858)

William Fletcher/Frederick Chambers (son of Robert Chambers and Hannah Doren) was born 1798 in Monroe Co., WV (VA at this time)/Monroe Co., VA154, and died 1858 of typhoid fever. He married Perlexana Ballard on January 21, 1858 in Monroe Co., WV154, daughter of William Ballard II and Mary Snow.

Notes for William Fletcher/Frederick Chambers:
He was a miller from Albermarle Co., VA. He heard that William Ballard IV was planning to build a mill on Dropping Lick. Chambers came to see him about work, met his sister, and they were later married. They built the mill and Chambers operated it. Chambers at one time took his family and crossed the Mississippie and went to OK, but eventually returned to Monroe Co. He crossed the continent twice in a road wagon. (Source: Decendants of Richard Chambers as compiled by Dennis Hutchison)

More About William Fletcher/Frederick Chambers:

Died 2: 1858, Monroe Co., WV.

More About William Fletcher/Frederick Chambers and Perlexana Ballard:

Marriage: January 21, 1858, Monroe Co., WV.

Children of William Fletcher/Frederick Chambers and Perlexana Ballard are:

i. +Agustus F. Chambers, b. May 16, 1828, Bluefield, Monroe Co., WV, d. July 06, 1906, Bluefield, Monroe Co., WV154.
ii. Rufus A Chambers, b. 1821154, d. date unknown.
iii. Jarrett J. Chambers, b. 1822, d. date unknown.
iv. Lucinda S. Chambers, b. 1823, d. date unknown.
v. Eliza Chambers, b. 1825154, d. date unknown.
vi. Aggie Ann Chambers, b. 1826, d. date unknown.
vii. Paulina J. Chambers, b. 1832, d. date unknown.

Agustus F. Chambers (b. May 16, 1828, d. July 06, 1906)

Agustus F. Chambers (son of William Fletcher/Frederick Chambers and Perlexana Ballard) was born May 16, 1828 in Bluefield, Monroe Co., WV, and died July 06, 1906 in Bluefield, Monroe Co., WV. He married Mary Jane Spangler on February 27, 1851 in Monroe Co., WV, daughter of George Spangler and Sarah Peters.

More About Agustus F. Chambers and Mary Jane Spangler:

Marriage: February 27, 1851, Monroe Co., WV.

Children of Agustus F. Chambers and Mary Jane Spangler are:

i. +Scioto Mae Chambers, b. June 20, 1866, Monroe Co., WV, d. November 25, 1937, Giles Co., WV.
ii. Nora Chambers, d. date unknown.
iii. Elizabeth Chambers, d. date unknown.
iv. Aileene Chambers, d. date unknown.
v. Anna Catherine Chambers, b. 1857, d. date unknown.
vi. Sarah Clementine Chambers, b. 1861, d. date unknown.
vii. Augusta Jane Chambers, b. 1878, d. date unknown.
viii. John Chambers, d. date unknown.
ix. Morfett Chambers, d. date unknown.
x. George William Chambers, b. September 28, 1855, d. date unknown.
xi. Newton Chambers, b. 1875, d. date unknown.
xii. James S Chambers, b. April 10, 1868, d. date unknown.
xiii. Charles Chambers, d. date unknown.
xiv. Albert Emory Chambers, b. May 04, 1872, d. date unknown.

Sciota Mae Chambers (daughter of Agustus F. Chambers and Mary Jane Spangler) was born June 20, 1866 in Monroe Co., WV154, and died November 25, 1937 in Giles Co., WV154. She married Albert Rushbrooke on January 17, 1884 in Monroe Co., WV, son of James A Rushbrooke and Eliza Jane Burleigh.

More About Scioto Mae Chambers and Albert Rushbrooke:

Marriage: January 17, 1884, Monroe Co., WV.

Children of Scioto Mae Chambers and Albert Rushbrooke are:

i. Alieen Agatha Rushbrooke, b. 1885, Peterstown, WV, d. 1924, Pocahontas, VA.
ii. Arthur Rushbrooke, d. date unknown.
iii. Edith B. Rushbrooke, d. date unknown.
iv. Vera Rushbrooke, b. 1892, d. date unknown.
v. Bernard Rushbrooke, d. date unknown.
vi. Echols Rushbrooke, d. date unknown.
vii. Pauline Rushbrooke, d. date unknown.
viii. Myrtle Rushbrooke, d. date unknown.
ix. Garfield Rushbrooke, d. date unknown.
x. Jessie Rushbrooke, d. date unknown.
xi. Laura Rushbrooke, d. date unknown.
xii. Louise Rushbrooke, d. date unknown.
xiii. Fred Rushbrooke, b.

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