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Relatively Speaking .....

(A Genealogy of Byrd Lane with Allied Lines)

The superstitious Irish believed primroses made the invisible visible. Eating them lets you see faeries. If one touches a faerie rock with the correct number of primroses in a posy, the way to faerieland and faerie gifts is made clear. The wrong number means certain doom, hence the Primrose Lane ...

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I'm a proud member of the newly organized (1997) Heartland Genealogy Society. Click on the symbolic tree to visit their site and learn of the worthwhile purpose of this association. You will also find numerous links to aid in your research as well as friendly and knowledgeable folks who have volunteered to help you design a genealogy web page or make improvements to one you already have. Membership requirements are not difficult to meet and the benefits are well worth your time to investigate.

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This is my first effort at designing and writing a web page. So far, neither the faeries nor I are enamored of HTML ... think the "pooka" who authored this mystifying language drank fae wine while cavorting with the sprites of the forest! Due to my limited skills and to avoid traveling that primrose lane, I've eaten two helpings of primroses and chatted personally with The Faerie Queene, who told me the correct number of these perennials to include in my posy. I am now ready to touch that faerie rock and be whisked away to faerieland ... relatively speaking, that is ... to find those allusive ancestors of mine!

Wanna join me?

The surnames I'm researching can be found in the following Faerie Realms:


If you discover we share any lines as you journey through this enchanted land, or if you would like to chat with me about a common surname, please e-mail a note to Taffy, my elfin name, at the Otherworld address listed below:


Before being whisked off to faerieland, why not appease the "wee folk" and sign my dreambook. Who knows, it may bring you good luck!

Sign My Dreambook

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Faerie gifts to all the "Sweet" Hearts of   * The Cande Store *    whose friendship, teachings, encouragement and praise turned my fantasy of
a web page into reality.

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