Enter This Deserted House

But please walk softly as you do
Frogs dwell here and crickets too.

Ain't no ceiling, only blue
Jays dwell here, and sunbeams too.

Floors are flowers - take a few.
Ferns grow here and daisies too.

Whoosh, swoosh - too-whit, too-woo,
Bats dwell here and hoot owls too.

Ha-ha-ha, hee-hee, hoo-hoo-hoooo
Gnomes dwell here and goblins too.

And my child, I thought you knew
I dwell here ...

And so do you.

Shel Silverstein

If you are using a color monitor, then my list is here . This also uses frames, so if your browser does not have frames, you will be forced to use the black and white version.

For those of you who are using black and white monitors, the colorized version may seem a bit out of order. So press here for the original colorless version. But, don't think there is anything on one list that doesn't appear on the other. I'll make sure of that. If you do find anything I missed, feel free to tell me about it. An option to mail to me is at the bottom of either page. Enjoy the list.
Oh, before I forget, one more thing. Click here to see a really amazing animation someone made for me. I think that WOW sums it up.

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