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This was me, or what the world saw me as, last year....before my feminization...

but now meet...

I am so happy that you are visiting me today!

My main interests nowadays are: Photography and fashion

I am a nearly feminized male. I have always dressed as a woman as often as I could. But given my age, it is necessary for me to feel as if I am "forced" to be a woman. Society looks at us as degenerates and weirdos. And the feeling of shame and guilt is so great that only by being "forced" do I feel right in being the woman I was born, although in a man's body.

To learn more about my story, click below.


We DO have an alternative lifestyle. But we DO care. VERY MUCH. and so PLEASE try and help a child...For the love of all children... I don't know Chris. Found him on the web. Please, PLEASE visit his homepage. He has a disease that noone can diagnose. They give the symptoms there. PLEASE visit him. It will only take you a few minutes and perhaps YOUR heart may be touched and even if YOU don't know anything about disease, someone who DOES will see YOUR homepage and be able to help. God bless you all, travelers of the net.

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I would particularly enjoy hearing from other girls who have lived through the same experience or from men who wish they could.

Please come back soon and visit me.

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