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I apologize for the delay in processing online submittals, however family illness has taken priority. Please pray for my much beloved 76yo father, Wallace Varner, as he faces prostate cancer, hydrocephalus, and stroke. Should anyone need to contact me concerning a registrant, you may call me personally at this number: (423) 451-0462. Again, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and hope to return as soon as my father's illnesses have subsided. Thanks for your understanding, concern and prayers.


"This registry is a free mutual consent registry, which means both parties must agree to have information exchanged in order for the Registry Owner to supply any identifying information to either party. Once this registry form is submitted, it is promised by Registry Owner to keep all identifying information confidential, and agreed that Owner will NOT under any circumstances profit in any manner from the database contained within. You shall agree to the right of the Registry Owner to cross post non-identifying information to mailing lists in hope of a successful match. Information submitted to the Registry Owner will be kept on hard file, and only released by the permission of that person to whom the information belongs. However, YOU the Registrant will not hold Registry Owner responsible for any financial, emotional or other damage induced from an agreed reunion. BE forewarned, that by the certfication of SOAR, if Registry Owner is no longer able to upkeep registry, the contents thereof will be submitted to a responsible party, and the Registrants notified via last email, postal address, or telephone. Registrants have the RIGHT to withdraw their submittal at any time, without cause by writing to the Registry Owner at forementioned email address. The contents of online registry and hardcopy then will be destroyed."

This SOAR - Safe Online Adoption Registries site is owned by
Donna V. Akehurst.

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Southern Reunions!!!


"You will in NO shape, form, or fashion, crosspost the information contained within without prior permission from the Registry Owner. Doing so will subject you to possible civil prosecution. You will in NO manner attempt to use any information found in this registry for financial gain."
BE THAT SAID, You May Enter the Online Registry:



The International Soundex Reunion Registry is the world's largest and most successful mutual consent reunion registry and is a free service. Get your free registration form by sending a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

P.O. Box 2312
Carson City, Nevada

You can reach them by phone at

Bastard Nation's T.I.E.S. (Terminal Illness Emergency Search) Program provides free birthfamily searches for terminally ill adoptees.

BN has assembled a team of professional and volunteer searchers who donate their time and expertise to searching for birth family members of those with a terminal illness. In addition, TIES has compiled a roster of qualified counselors willing to donate their time to provide emotional support for its clients who need it. The program is administered by a dedicated volunteer staff which undertakes the day-to-day management of the program. Since December of 1996 TIES has reunited 11 ailing clients, and cases are continually pending.

T.I.E.S. was founded in response to the right of all adoptees (ill and otherwise) to have obtain their original birth certificates. Until the archaic laws which seal an adoptee's birth records are changed, T.I.E.S. is helping terminally ill adult adoptees who need vital medical history information before it is too late. In the fall of 1997, operations were centralized in Seattle, WA with a full staff and a national toll-free number. Since that time the program has doubled intake and the number of reunions.

This program is free of charge to those who qualify. If you or anyone you know is terminally ill and searching for their birth family, or if you are interested in applying to be part of our network of volunteers, please contact TIES by calling the toll free number 1-888-586-8739, or email TIES at If you would like more information about T.I.E.S., please visit its website at:

P.O. Box 99613
Seattle, WA 98199-9613
1(888) 586-8739
Program Director: Mary Hunt-Scoville
Intake Director: Julie Dennis
Regional Search Coordinator: Terri Leber

This Heartland Adoption Ring site is owned by
Donna Varner Akehurst.

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SEE THIS NUMBER??? It's the TRUE amount of folks visiting this site. And it tells me lots are looking but not submitting. Please do yourself and all of the Triad community a favor and post, even if you don't think you have enough information. Thanks.

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