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This site is dedicated to the memory of my best friend who crossed over the rainbow bridge March 30, 2005

Welcome to Michele's Place

Hi, welcome to my home away from home. Allow me to introduce
myself, my name is Michele, I am a native Californian and I live on the
Mojave Desert near the poppy reserve. I adopted my humans a little
over Twelve years ago and since then I have devoted my life to training
and protecting them. Since I am too short to reach the pedals on the car,
my only outlet from the stress and strain is surfing the net while 
sipping my cappuccino.

My life is not all fun and games, I work very hard for my milkbones! I 
have a very large dog house to patrol, including very large front and back
yards. I am in charge of seeing that my humans get the right amount of
exercise daily and that they eat properly (I sometimes throw caution to
the wind and taste the food they eat just to make sure it has not gone
bad!). Proper rest is important, so I have to make sure the humans go to bed on time (even if I have to 
sacrifice my time by going to bed with them). Some of the hard work I am subjected to is documented in
my photo album if you would like to see for yourself.

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Welcome To Michele's Place

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