the crown of thorns that Jesus wore...

(Every time I see the barbed wire, I would think about the crown of thorns that my dear Lord Jesus had to wear for my sake...)
the Holy Trinity

==> A Brief Introduction <==
[by: Catholic Answers]

General Prayer Petitions

Pope John Paul II

Karol Jósef Wojtyla [1920-2005]

Citizens of the world,

Let us celebrate the life of Pope John Paull II,
and acknowledge all the work he has done for the Church
as well as humanity.

Indeed, he is a man of faith
and he was a gift to the world from God.

August 16-21, 2005

Official Website

My Catholic Experiences My Experiences as a Catholic
==> A spiritual "journey" that needs some updating.

Catholic Apologetics Defending the Catholic Faith
==> Includes some internal mini-pages on: Bible, Church, Mary, Eucharist, Justification, and Purgatory.
==> 1-on-1 Dialogues with Protestants

For Your Information For Your Information
==> Information on special and current topics relevant to the Catholic world today.

Church History Christian History Page
==> Links to all sorts of resources for readings related to church history.

Church History Catholic Study & Theology Links
==> Links to further resources in studying Catholicism and theology.

Bible Links Bible-related Links
==> Links for the information and study of the Scriptures.

Some Considerations A Few Ponderings
==> Some blabbing about certain things in the Christian world.

Catholic Links Catholic Links Page
==> Links galore!

Statements of Faith Protestant Statements of Faith
==> A listing of various denominational Protestant statements of beliefs.

References My References Page
==> A listing of books I read.

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Catechism of the Catholic Church

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