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Please note that if you want any of the MP3's below, you will have to either search for them yourself or request them. I would love to set up an FTP but I don't know how and I don't think I'm allowed. To request from me, you must send me an MSN. My add is Please do not bother emailing me because your request will be ignored.

And please don't ask me if I sell anything. I d/l everything for free from file-sharing programs like and

** NOTE: if the song you are looking for is not listed, then I don't have it. I WILL NOT LOOK UP SONGS FOR YOU.

I am looking for the following songs, so if you have them, by all means let me know!


TRANCE or TECHNO or DANCE mix of Leo Delibes' theme from Lakme (song called "Flower Duet")

CHINESE - (80's)
帝女芳魂 (帝女花主題曲)

明天會更好 (CANTONESE version please)
[譚詠麟 & other HK singers]
1985 年度勁歌金曲頒獎禮完場曲
Actually, that is not the real name of the cantonese version. The lyrics talk about song-writing
and all the inspiration and motivation around it.


香港 '86

歡  今宵


馬來 亞 之戀

梅艷芳 - 赤的疑惑

汪明荃 ~ 凍咖啡

張學友 - 情己逝

CHINESE - (1990-1995)

Aaron Kwok 郭富城 - 妳是我的一切 [I would like the instrumental version.]

Alan Tam 譚詠麟 '97 演唱會 - 講不出再見 & 一生中最愛 (Alan Tam '97 Concert - Cannot Say Goodbye & Life Most Loved)

Edmond Leung 梁漢文 - 可不可不可以 (cannot, cannot, can) piano solo version

Girlfriends - 瀟灑 (graceful)

I would like to have the mp3 version of the following song please:
Leon Lai - 如果可以再見妳 If I can see you again - girl interlude (jap or korean?)

Tarcy So 蘇慧倫 - X 擋

Winnie Lau 劉小慧 - 分手不須再流淚  (劇場版) separate no need to shed tears - drama version

I have a meeting with spring.

Hui志安 & 鄭秀文 - 獨你是不可取替

?? - 留給最後的說話

草蜢 - 三分鐘放縱
曾志偉 - 天下無敵我愛你
阿牛 - 開心又過一日, 唔開心又過一日

張智霖 - 有關過關 (談判專家主題曲)



Jacky Cheung 張學友 - 你的名字我的姓氏 Your Name My Surname [I already have the concert version, but doesn't a studio-recorded original exist??]

SANDY LAM 林憶蓮 - (from her 1989 album "Fuir La Cite 逃離鋼筋森林")
- 癡情 ("Tsee Tsing" - Crazy Love) 痴情
- 噢皉 ("Yoong Yau" - Possess)
- 可以...可是 ("Hor Yee...Hor See" - Cann.....But)

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