From the founder and members of Global Campsite

Welcome one and all.
Especially you, 

----------An Explanation----------

Global Campsite is sort of an off-shoot of Global Campfire,
and also a way of venting my dreams of global domination.

Global Campfire is an on-line club for all of those in scouting and guiding, in that site and this we refer to such as 'scouters';
and the 'Big Brother' site of Global Campsite.

At the club, we share information, and discover what scouting is like aroud the world, all the differences and similarities.

Currently it is one of the biggest Scouting Clubs in Yahoo!,
and it definitely is the MOST ACTIVE.
There are members from all around the world.

Nations at the Global Campfire.

The mission statement for Global Campsite is :

"For Members, By Members, Connecting Members. Globally."

Where member means anyone and everyone, in scouting or guiding.
So there is plenty on-site to keep everyone interested.
So go on, see what we have to offer.


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