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I’m sick of this shit.”
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Bush AIDS Flag

The copyright for the BUSH AIDS FLAG is held by ACT UP/Los Angeles
.  All rights reserved.

This photo was taken at Ernst Reuter Platz in Berlin, the day before the IX International AIDS Conference opened.  We spent good part of the day before cutting lumber and nailing these crosses together.  Our second(!) street demonstration that afternoon (mind you, the LA and San Francisco contingents had arrived less than 48-hours before!) culminated with the planting of these crosses.  To their credit, the city of Berlin left the crosses in place at least through the end of the conference.

Photograph 1993 Time Magazine.  All Rights Reserved.

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PS: I liberated the dripping blood graphic from that vile anti-abortion/pro-murder web site, but the lovely music is Empty Garden (Elton John/Bernie Taupin).

You say "Reagan," I say "Raygun," let's call the whole thing off!

Special thanks to Mike Marincic for the plate.

(Courtesy Think Again.)

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