This page is dedicated
to the loving memory
life of my precious son.

Keith Lawrence Wagner

December 12, 1982 to August 7, 1998


Keith's favorite foods were milk and tacos (he'd eat all twelve in the box).
His favorite colors were blue and black.

He is sadly missed, but forever loved by me, his mother, Margaret Wagner; his father Lawrence, his sisters Cheryl Marie (18) and Margaret Loretta (23) and his companion Peanut, Keith's white and brown springer spaniel.

Keith had dreams of becoming a police officer or of joining the army.  When he was small he'd dress from head to toe in army fatigues - oh, what a picture he made.

Keith's short life started with many difficulties.  He was only three when he was diagnosed with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder.  He underwent surgery to try to correct a 50% hearing loss in each ear.  Keith was labeled as having disabilities and attended school full time from the age of three in order to keep up with his peers.  We were fortunate that Keith had teachers who led him with patience and love.  And Keith grew to be a very kind and loving young man.  Keith accepted everyone as they were and treated them with kindness and respect.  I guess when you are labeled as being disabled, you develop a sense of other people that enables you to look beyond their problems and limitations and accept them just as they are.

In spite of Keith's limitations and the obstacles he faced every day,
he became a star on the Lacrosse team.  He was nicknamed Wheels for his ability to run.  He joined the wrestling team his freshman year and became known as Iron Man.

Keith was six feet tall, 145 pounds, had dark brown hair he often had cut in a mohawk and brown eyes.  He also had a smile that would light up a room the moment he entered.

He wasn't perfect, but what teenager is?  But he was special, precious and had much to offer this sometimes crummy world.  But Keith never had the chance to fulfill his dreams.  He never had the chance to grow up and do all the things that most teenagers do.  I will never see him off to college or attend his graduation.  I will never cry at his wedding or hold his children in my arms.  In fact, in this life, I will never again be able to see his brilliant smile; hear his teasing voice or be embraced in one of his magnificent hugs.

Keith is dead!!!!!

He didn't die from a serious illness or in a freak traffic accident that occurs everyday.  He died needlessly, and that is what hurts the most.  He didn't have to die!

And so this web site is written by a mother who is living every parent's nightmare.  It is written in loving memory of my precious son as a tribute to his life.  It is written as a plea to all who come here to please read Keith's story.  Help me save just one life!  And perhaps the life I save will be the life of your own child.  Maybe the life I save will be yours!

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