Hi! My name is Buby: welcome to my "City Hunter" page!
I LOVE this series so much!!!
It's a mix of adventure, thrilling action, love, friendship & 'zest' comedie: what else do you need?
Plus, Ryo Saeba is a GREAT character and... Kaori is a girl I can relate to! My personality is very close to her but... don't be afraid, I'm not so rude (well, not always... :-)
This is a MUST see series: not only the manga is really cool, but the TV-series is quite well adapted (by the way, there is some censure that soften the story: hey, don't forget it's for kids too!).
So have a little taste of facts & information, photos, funny scans and links! (NB: you can choose either the English version or the Italian one).
I hope you'll have fun!!

Buby 1998-2001

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