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Welcome to my Advanced Dungeons and Dragons page!
Last updated on 1/13/98

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John after a hard night of work

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The Companions of the Unicorn/CRPGA

PBEM Ended!

I have been forced to end the PBEM version of my Gaia campaign due to time constraints. My appologies to anybody who sent in email.


Campaign Links

Dusk Campaign
World of Asgor, etc.
Kluter's World
Realm of Exotica
Adear Campaign
Darksbane Campaign
World of Jera
Firosthardt Campaign
World of Tryll
Guardian's World
Palanis Campaign
Blackspire Keep
The World of Pazlan
Midnight Wolf's World

Graphics Links

Sunet Archives
Rob&Steve's D&D Page

Spell Links

The Great Net Spellbook
The Great Net Prayer Book
Spells and Spellbooks

Page Links

TSR's Web Page
Lyanna and Ethana's Homepage
AD&D Pages
Some Links
The Gnome Page
MPGN FTP Archive
Role Playing Pages
The AD&D(+) Page
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Fyndalf's Lair
Dungeons & Dragons
Prince Etrigan's Roleplayers' Resources
Niall's Roleplaying Bookmarks
Lower Toronto AD&D Group
Dungeons & Dragons: A Canadian Web Site
Erik's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Page
Vlad's Page
Li Po's Hermitage
Lycaeon's Scrollcase
Lord Hannible's Realm of Chaos
Olde Tavern Tales
Shivian's Net Archive

DM Links

The Dungeon

Online/PBEM links

Dave's Page
Irony Games
The Dragon's Cave
Adion Adventures
Ron Glasmann's Net Market

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