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Well, hi. Welcome to my WebWorld. This page has no specific theme, just a lot of cool stuff and fun things to do. So what do you think? E-mail me and tell me. If you've been here before, you know that one page does not match any of the others in this site, and NOTHING has changed (and hopefully, never will!). I'm working on this, though, so it goes faster. Here's my new URL if you'd like to use that from now on, easier to remember, the old one works too! My URL: http://fly.to/jessiswebworld

I got it for free at
http://come.to Well, me, I like dirtbikes (almost every kind), running (unless I'm being chased), and a lot of music, 'cept country and really old stuff (not all of it though). My favorite bands are U2 and basically anything else. pLeAazZ!! sign my guestbook before you leave :-) I return the favor. I also break thumbs if you don't. (hint, hint) E-mail me to tell me what you think! Any suggestions are seriously considered! This page is best viewed with a newer browser and more than 256 colors. Or whatever you like :-)

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Well, I've gotta go now. Check back later when I have even more fun stuff in here!!!!J

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