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Last Update: July 6, 1999.

-A great review from the Anaheim 1976 show, by Allen Dunn.
-21 pictures added to the Gallery (All from the KISS Konvention, Montreal July 27, 1995)
-I'd like to thank the KISS Vault for hosting my pics in the gallery.

Discography & Lyrics
Updated April 16, 1999
-The REAL KISS lyrics from start to fade, all of them!
-All the information you need, the song writer, who
played on the album, the album certification
and much, much, more...

Picture Gallery
Updated June 10, 1999
-134 pictures, all thumbnailed, from my own collection.
-Pics from every era of the band, album covers, ads, and more.
-Hosted by the KISS Vault.
-There's also some pics that you'll only find here.

Official Release Long Form Videos
Updated January 28, 1999
-All the official released KISS long form videos.
-All the infos on each of them, the exact
release date, the producer, the plot and more.
-A quality scan for each video.

Private Video Recordings
Updated July 6, 1999
-The best KISS shows ever caught on tape.
-At least one show per tour is listed.
-You can send your reviews of any of these shows by
e-mailing me.

Psycho Circus Comic Books
Updated May 27, 1999
-Every Psycho Circus Comic Book is reviewed.
-The plot for each of them.
-All the KISS references found in every issue will be listed.

Thank You!
Updated January 14, 1999
-All the people who helped made this page possible are
having their hour of glory here.

KISS Links & Webrings
Updated May 27, 1999
-The best KISS links around the web.
-All the KISS Webrings owned by this site.

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