Mariannes' Place

Howdy!!!!!! Welcome to my ever so exciting
page. Hope you enjoy your visit while your here.

Let's see where should I you
already have figured out my name is Marianne.
I'm 28 years old.......YIKES!!!!!!!
I live in NW Oklahoma.....although don't worry
guys, I still let everyone know I'm a Californian.
At this moment in time I am working at a local
store as the automotives dept. manager
Scary thought huh? they trust me enough
to be a manager.....8^P

I do have a very special guy in my life right now.
His name is Bruce. He's a sweetheart & he's got
a heart of gold. Got some good news......Bruce & I
are going to be getting married May 19, 2001.
You'll have to visit my picture page & see what a
cute couple Bruce & I make. I'm hoping soon with the
holidays & all that I'll have a new pictures
we can post on here.

Bet your wondering what I look like huh?
Oh humor me and say yes you are.
Well your wondering days are over,
visit my picture page and you can see
what me and some of my friends look like.

Would you like to meet some of my family?
Oh of coarse you do......hey you might find you
have some of the same interests.

Hey if your ever out there chatting look me up.
My ICQ# is 7866940 or if you chat in
VP my name is lilblueyes.

Would you like to see some of the webrings
I have joined? Sure you do.......
visit my webrings page.

You are lucky visitor
to visit my ever so exciting page........8^P

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Thanks for stopping by my page.
Come back and visit me again soon!!!!!!
Ok I love you Bye-Bye.............8^)

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