Psyche's Links

Here's a whole list of links to a bunch of useless but fun web pages!

isn't he cute?!?!?!?

I've got links to all kinds of stuff here like
Stupid paces which have no practical use but are lots of fun
Pages that might actually serve some use
Links to music and entertainment pages
Links to my favorite stores' -n- stuff homepages

My Useless Links

Check out the Happy Net!

Virtual Presents Online - Send a friend a virtual present!
Virtual Flowers Homepage
Mail A Meal Gourmet Postcards
Toonogram Cartoon Postcards
The Cardmaster - Send someone special a card, and save a tree!

These Links Might Actually Be Used For Something

Hotmail, The Worlds's Free Web Based Email

Links to some great Music & Entertainment Sites

Homepage of my favorite radio station, 106.5 The Buzz!

Cool Clothing and Cosmetics

Express Online
The Gap
J. Crew Online
Urban Decay
Body FX
The Body Shop Online


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