Psyche's Ladybug Adoption Center

Welcome to my ladybug adoption center!

I hope you will find it in your heart to give one of these ladybugs a good home!

This lovely ladybug is my own personal pet, Lizzie.
Please don't just steal lizzie. She is a prized pet and a personal creation. If you want a ladybug, e-mail me and you can adopt one. ----Thanks!

Psyche's Cyber Ladybugs come in a wide range of colors, varying from the average black and red ladybugs to bright multicolored variations like Lizzie above. COLORS: Red, Black, Lime, Blue, Purple, Pink, & Yellow. When requesting a ladybug, specify a shell color and a spot color. If you are not specific, you may not like the ladybug color combination you get!!

If you would like to adopt a ladybug for your web page, e-mail me with this specific information:

*Your Name
*Your E-mail Address
*The URL (where the ladybug will live)
*Your Page Name
*The Ladybug Color(s) you want
*Your Ladybug's New Name
*Why you want to adopt a ladybug


Since school has started I just can't spend enough time online to answer everyone's requests punctually. I will try to get you your ladybug adoptee as soon as I can. Please don't become impatient.
Also, If you would like a link from my page to yours on my Ladybug Adoptees page, Just tell me in your e-mail.
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Remember to create a link back to my page from where your ladybug is, so everyone can adopt one of these adorable creatures for their page!

The URL is

These ladybugs have been adopted from Psyche's Cyber Ladybug Adoption Center:

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Virtual Pets and Artists Adoptee Needed Adoptee Needed
Kathy's Cyber Pets Adoptee Needed Adoptee Needed

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