Psyche's Internet Adoptees

Welcome to my Cyber Pets and Adoptees page!

This is Thalia.

She is a rare and beautiful butterfly whom I adopted on September 14, 1997 from The Butterfly Nursery

Also, meet Pookie.

Pookie came from Samara's Bear Adoption Agency on September 15, 1997.

Fizgig, the purple poofie, was adopted on September 14, 1997 from Jupiter's Planet.

This is My Woobie Angel. She came from The Woobie World Home Page on September 15.

These are my three precious Cyber Guinea Pigs, Caleb, who is black, Rhea, who is black and white mottled, and Jared, who is black with a white neck stripe. Aren't they precious?

Get your own at Kelly's Guinea Pig Adoption Page

These are my E-trees! E-trees protect the cyber environment from air and water polution. They can be very benificial to your homapage.

Get your own!

Meet Oriana!

She is an mrepsgib from the planet Dniwka'erb.
I adopted her from Adopt @n Alien

My adorable animated pony, Freesia

came from The Sugar Plum Stables

These are my dragon Hatchlings, adopted September 16, 1997.
Ladyhipoo's Adoption Center

Here are my two cute cyber teddies, Timothy and Emily.

They came from Wendy's Teddy Bears Place on
October 26, 1997.

Click Here to see more cyber pets!

More Cyber Pets are Coming!

*If you have an adoption page, e-mail me and tell me!*
*I love to adopt cyber pets!*

Adopt your own cyber ladybug at Psyche's Ladybug Adoption Center!

Well, now you have seen all of my adorable beloved cyber pets and adoptees. If you like them, feel free to visit their adoption pages and take one of your very own to your home page!


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