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As you can see from this website, pigs are one of my passions. I hope that you will enjoy these pigs as much as I do.

Pigs have been popular throughout history. they have been depicted in books, drawings, paintings, sculptures, toys, film, greeting cards, post cards, and many humorous venues. And of course, now on our super information highway pigs have captured many hearts.

Please, before you decide to purchase one, take some time and research their needs and their proper environment. They do require different care than that of a dog or cat. If then you decide a pig is for you, please adopt a homeless one from one of the many non-profit organizations involved in rescuing and finding homes for unwanted and abandoned animals. Many of the adult pigs are already house-broken and have learned other desirable behaviors. Also with and adult pig there are no surprises later on. You see how big s/he already is.
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