MARCH 28TH 2003
49th New York Volunteer     Infantry
D Company
American Civil War Living     History Group
Welcome to the home of D Company, 49th New York     Regiment. We are proud members of the American     Civil War Historical Re-enactment Society, an umbrella group of Canadian     re-enactors who honour and preserve the memory of the 50,000 Canadians, in     blue and gray, who fought and served in the War between the States. To our     knowledge we are the largest group of Federal infantry re-enactors in     Canada. We also have the honour of being associated with two companies in     the United States -- Company B and Company     H -- who also portray the 49th New York.

     As historical re-enactors we strive to maintain high standards of     authenticity in recreating the past, and our goal is to teach others about a     tragic, epic time and about an obscure chapter in Canada's history. The     personal rewards are great. We enjoy meeting the public and seeing their     enthusiastic responses to our events. In that sense, all of our members are     teachers.

     There are other, more intangible rewards that perhaps only a re-enactor or a     veteran can understand. To be part of a long, thin, steel-tipped line,     stepping forward to a hoarse command or a ringing bugle note. To smell the     sweet dawn in a Virginia meadow and know that the air will soon be acrid     with gunpowder smoke. To feel a strange, eerie chill as the enemy line comes     forward under their bright flags, coming right straight for you. Sharing     music and comradeship around a camp fire. Such moments are rare, and help us     to feel in touch with the past.

     We hope that you enjoy this website, and that it helps you to better     understand our enthusiasm for this gallant and tragic era.
Members of     D Company, 49th New York at Rockton, Ontario
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