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Welcome to my space on the world wide web, brought to you from the Emerald Isle but in particular to my shrine, dedicated to the most gorgeous and elegant babe to grace our screens in recent years both silver and small since...well since whoever it was that Jennifer Aniston took over from in your view then. Mine was the delectable Kate Jackson who played the role of Sabrina Duncan in "Charlie's Angels", but sure that's a different cup of tea altogether, and besides I was only eight at the time! Here you'll find all the latest gossip, film reviews, interviews and everything else got to do with the lovely lady herself contained in my Emerald Isle Update ...and oh yes the main reason you stopped by in the first place, The Pictures. You can also, if you wish read all about Jennifer in her Biography and Filmography sections, do also feel free to visit some excellent sites in the Links, Celebrity Listings and Webrings section. If you've time after all that you might like to check out the 28 unrelated to Jennifer Aniston but every bit as trendy Links. There is also an Irish Links section for all the homesick Irish folk worldwide who e-mailed me - 22 links to date. You can view the Awards that this website has one by clicking on this Awards link or use the menu bar below to take you to the section that you desire and so in the meantime I'll take this opportunity to thankyou for visiting my site and look forward to your next one.

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