The Gig!

On the 20th of April 2000 i held a party, known to some as "The Gig". the idea was that a few freinds came round to play some music (guitars etc etc) and have a laugh. it didnt turn out quite like that, yes there was a little music but it was otherwise madness. Here are the pictures i took of this chaos!!

I cant really explain this picture, i have no idea what Dave (left) and Mike (right) are looking at!!!!! And as for Poppy (the dog) well i can only imagine.

Heres Brendan, looking rather happy on drugs and alcohol. He would probably claim he was sober, but no-one would believe him!

Barrrrrrnnnnnnnneeeeeyyyyyyyyy, well,as usual, Barney is kind of bizarre.More bizarre than usual? Could be because he too was wasted!

Sarah, cant really say alot about this picture for fear of being beaten up! (nice, errrrr camera =oP )

It's me! Looking errrr im not sure how im looking there.I think weird might be the word.

ah, Mr Joyce. Ben. This picture is self explanitory isnt it?

Dave, our favourite guitarist!A bit puzzled methinks!

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