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It is here that we tried-and-true, die-hard fans
pay tribute to all the many characters
embodied by the multi-talented

William Russ

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Probably best known for his role as the captivating
Roger Lococco
in the late-80s crime drama Wiseguy,

he was most recently seen as papa-figure
Alan Matthews
in ABC's family sitcom Boy Meets World, now in syndication.

Hi! I'm Micki, the owner, hostess, and
sometimes chef of this little eatery.

Find your way around with this handy Floor Plan.

And see what's as of January 29, 2001.

Now for the edibles!
(All selections based on Russ performances)

"Good taste, I'm sure, has deprived me of a great number of things." --Anonymous

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You may stroll past the
Photo Wall
to see some of Renaissance's
most distinguished patrons!
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Or help yourself to...
The Literary Lounge
and enjoy a delicious assortment
of William Russ character fiction,
as well as more fiction, poetry and quotes!
( on 6/26/00)

For a relaxing, "miscellaneous" experience,
sneak into the laid-back atmosphere of the
Wine & Cheese Room
for a little bit of everything!

Special requests honored with advance notice,
and Alka Seltzer always available at the Bar.

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