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We're the Whitakers and we welcome you,
Jerome *Daddy*
Vanessa *Mommy and Webmistress of the Family*
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Stacey *Little Sister*

Our home is warmed by your presence.

Whitaker Lane is the name we've given our little place on the web. So come along and take a stroll down our country lane to our modest home and get to know us a little better.

We are a christian, homeschooling family that loves animals, children, nature and many more things that we'll share. A site map is located at the bottom of every page to help you find your way around. *The links appear green* We hope you enjoy your visit and you are always welcome back.

We love working, learning and playing together as a family. Homeschooling, taking care of our pets, planting a garden, bicycling, taking a walk...these are some of our favorite ways to fill the day.

Since teaching our children came so natural, homeschooling seemed the only path for us. For more information on homeschooling and my personal journey teaching our children the past five years, visit our Homeschool Page.

We're glad you stopped by and we invite you to visit our other pages where we've done our best to share a little about ourselves and make our pages quick-loading, fun and easy to read.

Friends have visited since 7/29/98

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