Onslaught Yellow

Story by Darkhawk

A few blocks down from Onslaught's tower is an abandoned comic store. There hasn't been any action there since a battle between the Spider & Solitaire made an unexpected interruption. And now there are guests...

A pink circle appears on the floor as Spider & co. arrive.

"Wowee, tons of fun!", Spider says. "Let's do it again."

The team that made the first strike against Onslaught failed. However experienced the Spider is, in such a short time even he could not prepare rookies to fight Onslaught. Siryn & Thunderbird injured. Blink, Amphibious and Nate Gry not ready for combat. Only Havok & Mimic were decent fighters. This plays over in Spider's head. Onslaught must be defeated, but these are not ready. There is only one other course of action, he must face him alone.

"Alright listen up gang." The others turn to face him. "Havok, Nate Grey. Take Siryn, Thunderbird and Amphibious to a hospital."

Amphibious interrupts, "Amphibious need not hospital. Amphibious heal himself." Spider thinks, "With time Amphibious could be quite a fighter. It might be an advantage to have someone take on the Bat, while he fights Onslaught."

"About how long is that?", Spider asks him.

"How long what?", he asks.

Hmm, maybe not. "How long til you are healed.", Spider replies.

"Hour or two."

"OK, so you & Blink stay here. Big Red's going down." Spider refills his web shooters and races out the door.

"What now Frog-Man?", Blink turns.

"Amphibious my name.", he says.

"O.....K..." As she searches for a handle on the moment.

Meanwhile outside Onslaught's tower those gawking at the large display of power reconsider not leaving the city earlier. Three unprotected guys trying to show their "stuff" start pounding on Onslaught's door. Onslaught watches and instead of sending his two battle droids, Onslaught converts the force field energy to that of an electric one! Frying them where they stand! Their skinless skeletons fall on the street and break. The crowd falls back, hoping for a hero to come to protect them and vanquish the evil.

The hero that arrives is the Spider! They cheer on the hero they know will succeed. "Spider! Spider! Spider!", they cheer. Spider sees the skeleton and the crowd's hope grow with each step Spider takes toward the tower.

As Spider walks toward the door his spider-sense goes off and he backs away from the force field. He raises his head and yells to the heavens, "Onslaught! Come out and face me!!"

As if Onslaught heard him, the force field lowers and the doors open. Spider runs in and up to face Onslaught once again. As he makes his way through the "gauntlet" again, he ocnsiders strategy.

Running like there's no tommorrow, Spider enters the chamber room ready to make the city safe for people again.

Waiting for him at the throne is Onslaught. "Welcome back. I see you left behind those weak mutants.", Onslaught says as Spider walks up the red carpet, with his eyes fixed on his foe like a predator on its prey. "You're better than them. You could join me as a partner."

Not a second goes by that he waits for the answer. "No chance.", Spider says.

"Your powers are strong, but your mind is weak."

Spider stops a few feet away. Onslaught fires blue crimson bolts from his gauntlets. Spider dodges & flips in the air to land a jump-kick. He flips back, dodging more crimson bolts, shoots a web temporarily rendering Onslaught's gauntlets ineffective. Then he lands a powerful double-kick that Onslaught backs up from.

Onslaught recovers & removes the weebing from his gauntlets by shooting blue beams from his eyes.

Spider says, "That's only the beginning of your end." Spider fires his impact weebing, Onslaught blocks with his right gauntlet, and repels it back at Spider. Spider leaps in the air to dodge it. Onslaught fires a bolt from his left gauntlet that Spider cannot dodge in mid-jump. Spider falls back to the wall.

Onslaught says, "If you think so.... You're a fool." Onslaught starts firing periodically from both gauntlets. Spider dodges, jumps & flips over each one. Onslaught releases a red ball that homes in on Spider. It attracts him toward Onslaught. Spider thinks, "If only I could get to the wall to stick, it can't pull me off." He fires a web-line at the wall & swings toward the ball to the opposite wall, then his spider-sense starts to tingle.

Onslaught had used the distraction to come up from behind. He wraps his arms around Spider's ribs and "bear hugs" him.

The Spider swings his arms & slams his fists around Onslaught's ears. Onslaught drops Spider, falls back grabbing his head. "What's the matter Big Red?! Am I ear-ating you?", Spider taunts. Then he webs Onslaught to the wall.

Unexpectedly BatWing returns with many Nimrods behind him. Spider's senses go off and thinks to himself this could be his last battle.

BatWing sees his master webbed up and stares at Spider and screeches,. "Screeeeeee!" Another surprise pops up and teleports Spider away.

"Screee!" Onslaught gets ahold of his senses and orders BatWing to free him. As he does Onslaught says, "Next time Spider I will squash you like a little bug! And no one will save you."

Onslaught stands and walks toward the Nimrods, "Time to show these weak humans of this world what fear truly is."

< font size="5"> To Be Continued in Onslaught Blue (Spotlighting Shatter) .....

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