Onslaught Red

Story by Darkhawk

The day is July 2nd, 1998. This is the "Big Apple" where enough crime happens. Not a mere four hours ago one of America's Most Wanted -- BatWing released a powerful evil that seeks to destroy all. He is Onslaught. Already tonight he has seen heroes rebel. They failed. He knows more will come, but they also will lose. But Onslaught is not dumb, he put BatWing under a mental spell and uses him as a pawn, and the bat alone could not fight every single brave hero that enters his citadel, even if the bat could, it would delay his conquest. On his throne he sits, watching the pathetic weaklings scramble outside his tower through a window of his making.

"Batwing.", he calls. The powerful man-bat enters his master's quarters.

"Screee!", Batwing replies as if saying, you called?

"I have a mission for you. You will leave my citadel and go to a floating city, as I guide you there. Once there you will search for a human, 'The Commander'. He has a key I need to activating an army of robots he calls 'Nimrods.'" As Batwing turns around ready to fly off Onslaught adds, "Oh & Batwing do hurry I expect comapny upon your return." Batwing screeches as if agreeing, then exits his master's chamber.

Moments later oustide, Onslaught's shield drops as Batwing leaves the tower, then returns denying entrance.

Batwing's wings flap high & wide as darkness approaches. He ascends above the clouds, as per his master's direction.

Meanwhile back at Onsalught's Tower, the evil being creates some offensive defensive systems around his citadel as well as a couple of drones outside to guard the entrance.

As his pawn Batwing flaps towards Manhattan. "Keep straight and you will reach your destination.", Onslaught mentally guides him. As most who know Batwing know he is quite similar to normal bats with his ability of sight, mostly relying upon his sonic scream for direction.

Minutes later he reaches S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters. When Batwing gets closer, he mistakenly trips an alarm, and Shield soldiers get ready. The Bat lands onto the floating city and enters the large main building. Flocks of three Shield fighters race down the hallway positioning themselves to preventthe bat from his goal. Shots are fired. Some the bat evades, others not although under Onslaught's control he feels no pain only starting his bloodlust rage. It's been awhile since he's had this kind of meal. He must be thinking Happy meals on wheels. Fully into his bloodlust, he dives for the closest Shield agent and starts to drink, while fending others off with his long reachable claws. Blood splatters everywhere, bodies dropping at Onslaught's pleasurable smile of his lackey.

Once Batwing has feasted upon the dead, he lifts his head as blood trickles down his fangs. He starts walking upon Onslaught's cue to the prison cell of one Commander. "Master?", the inmate asks. Batwing screeches in reply and grabs the door handle with his right powerful claw and rips it from its hinges as the inmate backs into the shadowy corner.

Onslaught enters the Comamnder's mind and commands him to release a key into Batwing's possession. In his trance the Commander scurriedly searches his cell for the key while Batwing impatiently waits. Under his pillow he finds and turns it over to Onslaught's pet. "Good....you have earned your quick death.", Onslaught orders as Batwing guts Commander in the stomach and watches his face morph from surprised to pale. Batwing exits the cell and flies out of the S.H.I.E.L.D. city.

Elsewhere at Onslaught's citadel a powerful force tries its might to enter the stronghold. The Crimson Shield lowers to allow the 2 forces enter, but no one else. The man and his accomplice swat away would-be guardians of their creator. Finally the pairing arrives at the chamber & the curtains open to reveal their end of mission. He speaks, "One of you want to offer me something, do you not?"

"Yes," the intruder responds. "With your power and my forces joined we could dismantle and rule all. What does Mr. Crimson have to say to that?"

"Nay! Onsalught allies himself with none, lest those who enter my domain uninvited.", Onslaught answers.

"Very well then 'Onslaught', know then that Kang & his mistress Mantis watch you.", he says. With that Mantis opens a portal and they depart. Onslaught glances, but only that. What does Onslaught need with them? He gazes into a globe revealing events elsewhere to view & guide his pet Batwing as he arrives at a former hidden base of the Friends of Humanity. The Bat flies through the threatless barriers to find many untested Nimrods inside, and the humongous computer that powers them.

Onslaught points Batwing to a console near the overgrown Nimrod that has a circuit for the key Batwing acquired. As Batwing plugs in the key & turns, the Nimrods come to life as well as everything else.

"Good my pet. Now show them the way back.", Onslaught orders.

One Nimrod creates a hole in the roof using his hand repulsar rays. Batwing ascends as the others folllow. And just as they are gone all the lights of the giant Nimrod turn on and speaks, "Use them for anow & return them you will. Or Master Mold will deal with the likes of you and all acursed mutants of the World!"

To Be Continued in Onslaught Yellow (Spotlighting the Spider!).....

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