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Welcome to Tricia's Workshop. Tricia lives in Virginia and sculptures for the love of it. Each and every piece that you will see on this site was hand sculpted, painted, and costumed by Tricia personally. Each piece is a unique one of a kind (OOAK) creation. It is hard to express the detail that creates the character in each piece she does, but hopefully with some of the pictures you will be able to see the intricate detail with which her work almost seems to come to life. You will find nothing like them anywhere. She has previously only sold her work through friends and word of mouth. Now some of her pieces are featured in local stores. Through this website, now you too can be the lucky owner of some of her work. As she does all the work herself though, supplies are extremely limited. Many of the pieces featured here are no longer available. However, if you do see a piece featured here, please inquire because some of them are still available and there will be new pieces occasionally. If you do become fortunate enough to own one of these unique creations, you won't be dissapointed.

Home | In Progress | Santas | Figurines | Dolls

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