Shuffle on Ice
Does music, when added to a sports activity, improve performance ?
How ?
Well, I wondered if I could put an I-Pod Shuffle in my ice hockey goalie mask in combination with small set of headphones...yes, strange but true.....

So I did .....and you can see the final photos here along with a my summary.
- one pair of used United Airline headphones, small speaker wire, mini headphone plug
- cut out the protective foam with exacto knife to the shape of headphone and ipod shuffle
- wire up the headphones to the mini plug, if you can solder, thats helpful
- create a sort of docking station for shuffle to plug into
- adhere the headphones and mini plug with hot glue from a glue gun
- Note: be careful not to put any sideways force on the ipod headphone jack or else you can damage it
- cut on some vinyl material to cover the shuffle
- instructions on repairing an IPod shuffle is here: 
Apple Matters   (good luck)

Yes, it did improve my game.

Sound Level:
- the best results for me were to have the music at a low level just above the background ambient hockey rink noise
- too high level is distracting
- train your ears to selectively tune to the music to help calm yourself allowing your brain to process the oncoming rush or breakaway, it really works

- I did not want loud rock or metal pounding headbanger tunes
- instead I used pop-operatic music from
IL Divo
- you could use other sounds which do not create excessive distraction (slower beat)

- if music is too loud, you cannot hear what is going on around you
- it is important for your brain to process this
- and for safety sake, I dont recommend this for kids unless supervised by an adult
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September 2007
I think over time of using the music to help eliminate distractions, I began to adapt to this new mental conditioning, and didn't require the music anymore, at least not every game. The reason I say this is that one game there was no music, I had accidentally paused it when I put the helmut on. Even though there was no music, I noticed that I hadn't lost focus and was able to not be distracted.

Another idea came to me. What would happen if you used a more sophisticated heaphone system which had
noise cancelling ? Like the ones you can buy now and wear on flights to help eliminate background noise of the jet engine. Quite an expensive setup I think but may also have some surprising effects. What do ya think ?
May 2007
Hi all,
The season went well with no losses and two shutouts.
Taking a break for the summer.

Go Sharks !
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