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  • The Tintin Master...The #1 coolpage for Tintin! Hello everyone! Welcome to my Tintin website!!!
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    This site is under construction!
    This is the official coolpage for Tintin!!!!
    This page is all about everything cool about Tintin. You can learn everything about him from this site.
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    1/31/02----Posted by The Tintin Master "Back Again!"
    Hey it's been a long time since this place has been updated, hasn't it? I apologize for that and I hope to become much more involved with this site now. As you know, my Tintin website still needs to be updated and I've only started. While I have added no new book summaries, I have changed the main title logo on the mainpage and also a new messageboard is up becuase the old one wasn't working. I will continue to be working on the site today and fix up some of the probelsm here and there. Seeya!
    9/09/01----Posted by The Tintin Master "Tintin Destination Adventure is out."
    Just wanted to let everyone know that last Friday, September 7, Tintin Destination Adventure; the video game was released in Europe! It looks like a nice game.
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    8/30/01----Posted by The Tintin Master "Tintin Destination Adventure"
    Hey. It's been a while since I updated but I just completed a new page. Heard of the new Tintin video game for Playstation and PC? Find out the latest on it on the new page Tintin Interactive. There are also pictures from the game. It's Tintin's first time in 3D animation. Be sure to check this new page out!
    5/25/01----Posted by The Tintin Master "New stuff"
    Can you hear the music? It's from the Tintin theme song from the TV series. It uses your default plug-in and I recommend having Windows Media Player to listen to it. This site needed something to spice it up! It has a nice rhythm to it! Also today, I have added pictures of the covers to EVERY single Tintin book.
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  • If I am missing one, please email me( Thanks for reading this and I hope you like this site.
    5/21/01----Posted by The Tintin Master "Chat Room"
    Today, I have added a chatroom to the website! I'll be there sometimes so you can ask me questions or chat with other visitors that may be on the website. That'll be all I am doing today. Later on, I will add more characters to the Who are Tintin and the Other Characters part of the website. See you around and as always, thanks for coming to my website!

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