September 2006
Fish who knew I did not have my pole spear
"Can you stop people chasing my friends and eating them?"
Found Nemo!
Sarah and I spent a relaxing week in the Ha'apai group, Tonga, staying at Matafonua lodge (friendly, relaxed, cheap, clean and basic accommodation).

Unfortunately the wind blew 25-35 knots most of the time which was a bit of bad luck as it reduced the diving destinations and the whale watching opportunities.  The snorkelling off the beach was quite fishy, and further out at about 20+m the vis opened up to 20-30 metres.  Plenty of hard corals but not many large fish there.

Our diving was with nearby charter operator
Happy Ha'apai Divers.(great ethic, friendly, good scuba dive charter operation but no spearguns allowed onboard).

Meeting a huge humpback whale was awesome.  It came right up under me and Sarah, slowly checking us out. Fantastic!   The rest of the diving with the charter trips was in 30+m vis, a few small dogtooth and mackeral tuna, small jobfish, turtles, and the odd small bitie.

Unfortunately, we had some dive gear stolen, which is not common in the area. I wouldn't recommend this is a spearfishing spot, but nice for a relaxing week together, perfect white sandy beaches, and clear water.
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