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Kiss My Shades is my favourite website devoted to MORRISSEY/THE SMITHS, mainly because it's mine. There's no room for false modesty in my life, sweeties. Now, this site isn't finished yet, so please bear that in mind and be kind, mmmkay?

**UPDATE** 09/07/2002 I now have a l'il guestbook, if you count that as an update...

**UPDATE** 25/08/2002 After much laziness, I have added the The Story So Far page.

**UPDATE** 05/09/2002 I need your help with a new section of Kiss My Shades. Everyone must have had an introduction to Morrissey that involved an accident or coincidence of some sort, as radio play just doesn't come into it. So what's your story? Tell me how you discovered Morrissey and The Smiths, and please feel free include any wonderful thoughts or experiences regarding your fandom, with "The day we fell in love" as the subject heading. Ta muchly, folks.

THE STORY SO FAR The story of The Smiths and Morrissey so far...

VIDEOSSome Smiths/Moz videos for your downloading pleasure.

RARE INTERVIEW Surprisingly enough, a rare Morrissey interview.

QUOTES Some of my favourite quotes from the fabulous Mr Morrissey.

MORRISSEY PICTURES He's beautiful, don't ya think?

THE SMITHS PICTURES Lovely piccies of The Smiths.

LINKS Some are Moz/Smiths related, some are not. All are fantesticle.

COMING SOON Some of the features of this site that will be up soon.

SIGN MY GUESTBOOKAh, go on... you know you want to.

VIEW MY GUESTBOOK See all the luvverly comments, if there are any.

EMAIL ME All praise, hate mail and suggestions welcomed with open arms.

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