A Merry/Pippin and Boromir/Faramir Fansite

Wow. Just... wow. I've been out of it nearly a year now. I apologize. I got sidetracked. But now, with the extended edition of ROTK coming out very soon, I expect I shall once again be drawn deeply and wholly into the LOTR universe once again.

Also, there is an LOTR convention in California! Yay! You can find all the info here. Billy Boyd will be there. And if I had money, I would be too.

All right, I've got Pippin's small shrine up. You can find it under 'Circle of Protection.' Next up will be the sub-shrine for Billy. The link for it will be able to be located in Pippin's shrine.

Part 2 ~ The ROTK script is now up and can be found in the Multimedia section. W00t!

Okay, there are a few updates now. Well... alright... one update. I now have an icon for livejournal and a wallpaper up in the Multimedia section. Also I will soon have the Return of the King script up and as far as I have been able to tell, it is the most accurate. When I get that up, I will also provide links to the first two scripts.

Well, here it is. The final product of my first attempt at a web layout. All graphics were made by myself and I used a tutorial from DayDream Graphics to help with the layout. The links on the right will be up soon and so will the list of all the cliques and fanlistings I'm on. Sorry it's not the greatest, but hopefully my skills will improve with time.

Disclaimer: The things on this site belong to the people they belong to. Period.

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