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   Last updated May 16, 2009
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Hello and welcome to Sunrise Farm, raising quality Nigerian Dwarf goats. My name is Julie Cummings and I have been raising Nigerians since the spring of 1998. These Nigerian Dwarf goats were my project in 4-H until the beginning of 2003. Now I raise and show them as a breeder. As such, my priorities are to breed animals that are correct in conformation, competitive in the show ring and excell in milk production. Added bonuses here at Sunrise Farm include calm, loving temperments, healthy animals, pleasing colors and even blue eyes.Our bloodlines include local herdnames such as Starbucks, Copper Penny and Covenant Kids as well as herdnames from all over the U.S. such as Twin Creeks, Woodhaven Farms, Flat Rocks, Ponders End, Prairie Wood, Invale, Gay-Mor, Goodwood, Piddlin Acres...the list goes on!
      I hope you enjoying viewing my website (and my goats <VBG>) and hope you stop by again soon! =]
To contact me:
E-mail: or
AOL (or AIM): llshesabrasivell
Phone: (home) (559) 798-2349
(cell) (559) 974-2665

-Kids are hitting the ground! Doe kids, wether kids and first fresheners will be available! Pictures will be added as time allows. Currently a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) pup named Bronx is taking a huge portion of my time!
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