List of penpals from USA

Female, 30
Snail Mail Address:
Marny Williams
P.O. Box 13634
Ogden Utah, 84412
Hobbies: reading, camping, fishing, penpalling,
writing, animals, collecting, swapping, crafts,
scrapbooking, music, shopping
Message: Hi! I'm looking for female snail mail pals
from the USA from 19 to 40. You must be honest and
openminded and want a long term friendship as I value
my friends/friendships.

Tim Lindberg
Male, 27
Snail Mail Address:
3616 Colby Ave #799
Everett WA 98201
Hobbies: watching, wrestling
Message: Looking for a female friend.
I'm on kidney dialysis.

Connie Pittington
Female, 36
Snail Mail Address:
3175 Cauby St. #314
San Diego, CA 92110
Hobbies: swapping things, penpalling, reading,
cats, chocolate and actor Jeffery Combs
Message: Looking for sincere penpals or swappers.
I swap stationery, stickers and small amount of FBs.

Female, 48
Snail Mail Address:
P.O. Box 292 Hollow Rock, TN 38342
Message: I'm a recent widow and would like to
have some penpals to help me pass the time. I'm
disabled so I've lots of free time.

Female, 30
Hobbies: languages, travel, collecting post
cards, politics, history, reading, penpalling
Message: I'm looking for female penpals only,
preferably by snail mail. I prefer Muslim pals
but anyone is welcome.

Female, 23
Hobbies: music, reading, writing, spoken word
poetry, singing, wandering around Chicago
Message: I'm just looking for new penpals and
friends. No homophobes, racists, or people
looking to convert me to their religion.
No men looking for romance, money, transportation
or anything that involves me having to send you
money. Don't ask me for favors, please!

Michelle Anderton
Female, 25
Snail Mail Address:
2139 Chestnut Oaks Rd
Powhatan, VA 23139
Hobbies: writing, art, surfing the web, traveling,
fitness, spending time with my boyfriend and friends
Message: I'm looking for FEMALE POSTAL PEN PALS
I'll respond to anyone of any age and from
any country. 10000% reply!

John Tsan
Male, 23
Hobbies: tennis, badminton, hiking,
Hong Kong TV/movies
Message: I'm seeking any Asian females from
around the world close to my age 16-30. I'd
like to write long emails or snail mails.

Female, 19
Snail Mail Address: Email me for it
Hobbies: fencing, politics, reading
Message: Iím interested in corresponding with
anyone, via email or postal. I like postal
penpals because I love getting mail and
writing letters

Female, 9
Hobbies: music (singing, instruments), reading
writing, drawing, animals, computer, email
Message: I'd like to have pals of ages 9 to 11.
Please email me if you're interested!

Female, 33
Snail Mail Address:
P.O. Box 424
Engelhard, NC 27824
Hobbies: swapping, making new friends,
reading mysteries, surfing the net
Message: Hi! I'm into penpalling and
swapping for almost 9 years. I love it!
I'm a happy-go-lucky, fun-loving gal with
a great sense of numor. I'll answer all.

Female, 14
Snail Mail Address:
3930 Woodhurst Drive
Toledo, Ohio 43614
Hobbies: David Bowie, music, singing,
drawing, reading, writing, penpalling
Message: No prisoners or perverts. Girls mainly.

Female, 13
Snail Mail Address:
P.O. Box 1498
Sisters Oregon 97759
Hobbies: acting, theater, long letters,
swapping, animals, dolphins
Message: Hi! I'm looking for new long letter pals
from all over the world. Preferably around 11-16 years
old. NO LETTERS FROM AFRICA! Have a great day!

Female, 32
Hobbies: reading, cooking, yoga, astrology,
animals, camping, music, movies,
people-watching, photography.

Female, 36
Snail Mail Address:
140 Oakwood Way Apt. 4b
Athens, Georgia 30606
Hobbies: music, films, penpals, reading, writing,
animals, nature, tarot cards, foreign cultures,
languages, soccer, travel, swapping FBs
Message: I'm looking for pals from around the
world. People of all ages & locations outside the
USA are welcome to write! Please, no prisoners,
chain or religious mail.

Female, 12
Hobbies: swimming, shopping, be
with my friends, writing letters.
Message: I'm looking for a penpal from
another country or state except Oregon.

Female, 22
Hobbies: reading, writing, music, friends
Message: Hi, I'm just looking for new friends
from all over the world!

Sheila Joseph
Female, 22
Hobbies: scrapbooking, beading, photography,
listening to music, watching television, spending
time with my daughters, cross-stitching,
needlepoint, foreign languages and penpalling
Message: I'm a mother of 2 looking to write
to other female or young moms. I prefer
postal mail. No men please.

Female, 19
Snail Mail Address:
Estella Klasse
P.O. Box 16363
Portland, OR 97292
Hobbies: I will tell you later
Message: Hi! I just want to find friends
from around the world! It doesn't take much
time to write a letter, but you might find a
friend that you'll never forget.

Female, 15
Snail Mail Address:
Teri Anatra
7468 Tendring Trail
Manassas, VA 20111
Hobbies: drums, skateboarding, collecting/swapping
postcards and coins, writing long letters to my
penpals, travelling, learning about Europe.
Message: I'm looking for female penpals 13-17 from
West Europe, preferably someone who will swap
coins and/or postcards with me. Thanks!

Female, 56
Hobbies: crafts, woodworking, collecting tea pots
Message: I'm looking for a friend as I'm a lonely
lady who is separated. I'm shy and quiet but
caring and honest and I can be a good friend if
you're a truthful person. Just need someone to
talk to and possibly get to know closely as a
friend. I'm just a good old country gal who's
family oriented and bored to death.

Kristen Kessler
Female, 23
Snail Mail Address:
Kristen Kessler
1556 9th Street #29
Rock Springs, Wy 82901
Hobbies: crafts, penpalling, swapping, gardening, movies,
music, computers, making stationary & much more!!
Message: Hello! I'm a mother of 3 beautiful children and
a wife to a wonderful man. I'm looking for new friends via
snail mail. Looking forward to hearing from you.
110% response. No men or prisoners please.

Female, 16
Hobbies: I love to read and write letters. I also
enjoy going to movies with friends.
Message: I'd like to have pen pals from all over
the world, male or female.

Female, 12
Hobbies: Shoping, Modelling, Travel, Hangin' Out With Friends,
Collecting stamps, Rollerblading, Chatting Online...
Message: I'd like a female penpal betwween the ages of 11 and 16
& can possibly e-mail or chat every other day or so.

Female, 13
Hobbies: dancing, drama, shopping movies, music and just being
with the people I love.
Message: Hi my name is Lauren and I'd love to have a penpal who is
either 13 or 14 boy or girl and who has a lot to talk about. Well
please feel free to write.

Provin Martin
Female, 22
Snail Mail Address:
2637 E 4th St
Tulsa, OK 74104
Hobbies: reading, video gaming, rubber stamping, cats, movies
Message: Write me and I'll write you back.
Please no inmates or prisoners.

Female, 29
Snail Mail Address:
196 Hubbard Apt 2B
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043
Hobbies: Swapping FBs, exchange slips, decos
Message: I'm looking for pen pals and swappers around
the world but looking for more penpals and swappers in the
USA. Please NO prisoners or the letters will be thrown away. Thank you!

Female, 12
Hobbies: I LOOOOOOVVVVVVVVE animals!!

Tracy Wilson
Male, 33
Snail Mail Address:
1101 Linden Lane #175474
Faribault, MI 55021-6400
Hobbies: I love penpalling and making friends
Message: I am seeking loyal penpals who would like
a lasting friendship and share ideas and dreams. See for photo and more

Amy Jones
Female, 20
Snail Mail Address:
PO Box 542 Nunda NY 14517
Hobbies: I like to play sports, dance, draw,
hang out, party and more
Message: If you want to become friends
then write away

Eslie McDermott
Female, 19
Snail Mail Address:
134 Old Farms Road
West Simsbury, CT, 06092
Hobbies: Singing, guitar, writing, dancing, illustrations
and fantasy art, movies, long conversations, laughing, punk
rock, surfing, snowboarding, volleyball, hiking, boxing, mountain
Message: I'm looking for anyone with similar interests who would
enjoy talking to someone with a great sense of humor and strong opinions.
Please no prisoners and no one looking for a wife or any form of
romantic relationship. Hope to hear from you soon!

Melissa Kent
Female, 27
Snail Mail Address:
P.O. Box 120-501
Boston, MA 02112-0501
Hobbies: penpals, swapping, Paganism, cats, RPG's,
ethnic restaurants, archaeology, computer/video games,
sci-fi/fantasy novels.
Message: Looking for medium to long letter female pals
world-wide who don't mind an occasional time lapse between
letters due to everyday life getting in the way. Prefer
women who are relatively close to my age (born 1970-1980). Mail from
men, inmates, or people looking to prostelyze will be thrown in the trash.
Swappers of fb's, slams, decos, and lyrix are highly welcomed. :)

Female, 25
Snail Mail Address:
10464 Kira Ct
Indianapolis, In 46236
Hobbies: singing, writing, dancing & more
Message: Please write to me.
No men or prisoners please. Thanks.

Sean McQuiddy
Male, 32
Snail Mail Address:
POB 2099 #15275-075
Pollack, LA 71467
Hobbies: Penpalling, Reading, Music
Message: I am seeking a penpal who is understanding and seeking
companionship. Anyone from Planet Earth ..well, she doesn't
have to be from Planet Earth ! (Smile)

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