List of penpals from England

David Wright
Male, 39
Snail Mail Address:
48 Maple Way
Headley Down, Hants
GU35 8AT England
Hobbies: music, travel, food, people
Message: seeking female penpals for fun and adventure

Female, 12
Message: I'm looking for a female penfriend
from France or Pakistan.

Male, 26
Hobbies: going to the gym, pubbing
Message: Looking for women from any country
with similar lifestyle and outlooks on life.
Will reply to every message received.

Female, 37
Hobbies: movies, travelling, music
Message: Would like to make friends with
people from the far east.

Lauren Johnson
Female, 18
Hobbies: reading, writing, music, internet,
genealogy, football, dancing, socialising
Message: I'm looking for penpals aged 17-19
of any sex, race or religion, who has ideas,
opinions, hopes and aspirations and can
argue their point of view.

Charlotte Sutton
Female, 13
Hobbies: Star Wars, internet, computers,
astronomy, football, Japanese anime
Message: I'm looking for a male or female
pal aged between 13 - 15 from Japan, Germany
or USA. I prefer to snail mail. I'll tell
you my address by email.

Male, 33
Hobbies: bars, cinema, restaurants, having fun
Message: I'm looking for female penpals from
Holland/Denmark, between the ages of 22-30.
If you've the same interests as me, then I'd
love to hear from you. If you'd like to see
what I look like, I'll send a photo. All you
have to do is ask ;)

Female, 16
Snail Mail Address:
47 Halewick Lane
Lancing, Sompting
West Sussex
BN15 0ND England
Hobbies: music, manga & anime
Message: Looking for penpals from Japan and China
around my age. Hope to hear from you soon.

Male, 12
Hobbies: diving, music
Message: Looking for a girl between 12-15

Cristina Almond
Female, 19
Snail Mail Address:
1 School Street
PR25 4QB Lancashire
Hobbies: penpalling, swapping FBs, travel, shopping.
Message: Anyone welcome to write via snail mail. Not looking for
email pals. Write in NORSK/ESPANOL and English.

Male, 27
Message: Hello!

Female, 17
Hobbies: reading, animals, music, writing letters/poems/songs,
watching tv/buffy the vampire slayer/movies, art, swimming,
computer/internet. Email to find out more
Message: Looking for penpals age 16-21 only and who like the same
things as I do. No inmates/goths/drugs please.

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