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Myutsuu no Tanjou

Details on “Sound Picture Box Mewtwo –Myutsuu no Tanjou” (Birth of Mewtwo)

CD Type - Import Music CD
Series – Pokemon
Genre - Anime Soundtrack/Anime Radio Drama
Includes- Two CD set, 60-page picture book


Disc 1 (Radio Drama: Birth of MewTwo)

1. Episode One: Phantom (Mew) Download Audio Read Script
2. Episode Two: Birth of Mewtwo Download Audio Read Script
3. Episode Three: Mewtwo and Ai Download Audio Read Script
4. Episode Four: Pokemon- Strongest in the World Download Audio Read Script
5. Episode Five: Mewtwo's Counterattack Download Audio Read Script

Webmistress’ rating: Four-out-of-five stars. (****/*****)Enjoyable story, fair voice acting. Lovely packaging.


Disc 2 (Soundtrack CD)

1. Phantom (Mew)
2. MewTwo's Awakening
3. Strong MewTwo
4. Beginning of Counterattack (Opening Title)
5. Mezase Pokemon Master '98 (Song by Rika Matsumoto)
6. Pika-chu Akiramenai-nya (Pikachu, Don't Give up)
7. Flying Kairyu
8. Messenger
9. Foreknowledge of Storm
10. Departure to the Pokemon Castle!
11. Stormy Sea
12. Pokemon Castle
13. The Shadow Following Rocket-Dan about
14. MewTwo Appears
15. Copy Pokemon Wakes Up
16. Confrontation! Real One vs. Copy Pokemon
17. Monster Balls Flying Disorder
18. Danger! Pika-chu!
19. Satoshi, Determination of Battle
20. Real One vs. Copy Pokemon! Who is Stronger!
21. One who has Life
22. Miracle Tears
23. To the Sky of Hope
24. The Storm Getting Clear
25.In the Company of the Wind (Song by Sachiko Kobayashi)

Webmistress’ rating: four-out-of-five stars (****/*****) Great BGM, entertaining vocals, nice compilation.

Kaze To Issho Ni Single

Details on "In The Company of the Wind Single"

1.Kaze to Issho Ni (In the Company of the Wind)
2. Suteki ni Collection (A Wonderful Collection)
3. Kaze to Issho Ni Karaoke
4. Suteki ni Collection Karaoke

Webmistress' rating: Three-out-of-five stars (***/*****) Four tracks is great for a single, but too few for a full CD. The two featured songs don't feel as if they go together well, but the addition of karaoke tracks evens them out.

Pokémon: The First Movie Soundtrack

Details on “Pokemon the First Movie Soundtrack”

1. Pokemon Theme - Billy Crawford
2. Don't Say You Love Me - M2M
3. It Was You - Ashley Ballard with So Plush
4. We're A Miracle - Christina Aguilera
5. Soda Pop - Britney Spears
6. Somewhere Someday - NSYNC
7. Get Happy - B*Witched
8. (Hey You) Free Up Your Mind - Emma Bunton (a.k.a Baby Spice)
9. Fly With Me - 98 Degrees
10. Lullaby - Mandah
11. Vacation - Vitamin C
12. Makin' My Way (Any Way That I Can) - Billie Warren
13. Catch Me If You Can - Angela Via
14. (Have Some) Fun With The Funk - Aaron Carter
15.If Only Tears Could Bring You Back - Midnight Sons
16. Brother My Brother - Blessid Union Of Souls

Webmistress’ rating: two-out-of-five stars (**/*****) Few original songs. Overuse of American pop music.

M2M: Don't Say You Love Me Single

Details on "Don't Say You Love Me Single"

1. Don't Say You Love Me
2. Pokemon Movie BGM

Webmistress' rating: No stars for you! This release was pointless and limited. We love cute little Norwegian starlets tryng to get their break, but nothing on this CD validates it's existence (and I like this song, too. Harsh.).

Pokémon: The First Movie BGM

Details on "Pokemon the First Movie Original Motion Picture Score"

01. The Birth of Mewtwo
02. Dragonite Takes Flight
03. Invitation to Danger
04. Surviving the Storm
05. Mewtwo’s Island
06. Pokémon VS Clone
07. Tears of Life
08. This is my World Now
09. Three on Three
10. Mew’s theme
12. Adventure in Paradise
13. All Good Things Must Ends (sic)

Webmistress’ rating: Three-out-of-five stars (***/*****) Interesting BGM.

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