Vital Statistics


Height: 67

Weight: 269 LBS

Age: roughly three years (at end of Ware Wa Kokoni Ari)

Type: genetic/psychic

Number: 150

Temperment: Vindictive at times. Philosophical.

Mewtwo was created by processing and splicing the genes of Mew, and is embittered towards humanity.

Japanese VA:
Child: Takimoto Fujiko
Adult (Myutsuu no Gyakushuu): Ichimura Masachika
Adult (Myutsuu Ware Wa Kokoni Ari): Ichimura Masachika
Adult (Nintendo All-Star Dairantou Smash Brothers Deluxe): Ichimura Masachika

American VA:
Child: unknown
Adult (Mewtwo Strikes Back): Phillip Bartlett
Adult (Mewtwo returns): Dan Green
Adult (Super Smash Bros Melee): Ichimura Masachika

Available: Pokemon Red, Pokemon Green, Pokemon Yellow. etc. Super Smash Brothers Melee.

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