March 2nd 2007
Updates to banner and to cultural notes. Possible project in the works. Not sure yet. I tend to make announcements and they never pan out. Sorry kids!

"Bears did it"

April 29th, 2006
It's been a while! Whew! What's been going on you ask?'s been a busy year. I've been doing poetry readings, working (I'm an illustrator, donchaknow! And I've finally got a book deal...a sad, self-published type book deal, but you take what you can get), keeping up with school and taking care of my wicked little rabbit, Akiko. That's been a bit scary, as Akiko recently had a grand mal seizure, which landed us in the emergency room at two in the morning (my relationship with Aki is a bit like the relationship between "chibikitties" two main characters...I'm dealing with a somewhat wilful innocent). Now that it's summer, we've flown to Colorado where I'm hoping to land a job that gives me a regular paycheque, in addition to my on-again-off-again commission money. Akiko is booked to have a full examination, bloodwork, and hopefully be neutured this Tuesday.

As to Kokowa Dokoda...Well, you know my updates are irregular, but there really is something in the works this time. We've commissioned the fabulously talented Amy Van Torre of Mythogyny to give the site a major makeover. Naturally, with a new look, KD will need some good spring cleaning. All old content will be edited and reworked, and we welcome your help in this. If we have an informational error, a typo, or you think you have something we could use, please e-mail us and let us know. Mark your message "Clean up KD". Thanks!

"The's covered in blood!"
-Fiver, Watership Down

November 12, 2005
Hey kids! Guess who went to the opera last night? Anyway, a few updates and interesting notes. Mild editing to the manga page, as well as some new scans from a Koma GagBook. Also, Mii, Myself and Ai, examining the nature of Pokemon's child heroines. Aint I deep?

Anyway, updates on my fabulous life...I moved again, to escape wretched housemates, learned to weld and adopted a rabbit, my dear Akiko. KD will probably see a slowdown in updates, despite the backlog of scans and articles due to publication prep stuff for my first book, "Perdue". Buy it when it comes out, guys!

Me again. Obviously. GeneChildMewtwo translated the 2-koma strips for us just a few hours ago, so I've simply replaced the Japanese ones with my own scanslations. If anyone is fluent in Japanese (or even you're just textbok basic, actually) we could really use a translator for an upcoming project. Nothing heavy, just some manga, but it'd be great to hear from some folks. Send me an e-mail.

"There's so little of me left..."
-Beauty and the Beast

June 4, 2005
A'ight. Banners up on all the English-language lyrics pages. A big snazzy new article under CD Drama on Language and cultural barriers, inspried by a reader, IcePheonixAsh. Also, a couple cute banners related to this article and suchwhat.

"Don't make me wild like you!"

June 3, 2005
Hey Kids! Your ever-lovin' Webmistress is back and better than ever! Yep, she's got herself sorted out and motivated and she's feeling good! Why, you ask? Well...there are many things contributing to this. One may be the fabulous job she has procured in a place she loves. Another may be her glorious trip to Toronto for AnimeNorth and female-type bonding with awesome people. It could be the fan mail she's been getting for this site, and it could be the police report she filed for the theft of her flute (I want it back, understand?!). Another reason might be the big box of Pocket Monsters videos that came in the mail the other day (Yes. I have seen Myutsuu to Ai without the word "Splunkyard" scrawled across the screen). Yep...She's happy and she's updating...

Ok! A nice informative update to the Newsbites section, revealing the VAs for the upcoming film. Also, I'm going to try and get some cute banners into the music section and keep working on Mii, Myself and Ai and getting some more Pocket Monster Special up.

Ooooh...she's la..

. ~Webmistress
"This RPG needs a spaceship."

May 17, 2005
I am nineteen. It frightens me. I feel closer to sixteen. When I am old, I will doubtlessly laugh at myself for having said this. Or maybe I'll be too busy drooling and playing big euchre all the time. Life is an endless mystery.

Back on topic, lads and lasses, today, tired of hunting for a job and somewhat depressed, I holed up in my tower, as I refer to the oddly placed window area of my room as of this moment, to read abook on digital cartooning. I didn't get very far because I wanted to try every technique I ran across, and because I was becoming verbally abusive towards the poor artwork found therein. Anyway, the end result of this is a spent all day making this.

"And do I dream again?"

May 13, 2005
An update on Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero, as well as some scans of the manga adaptation from CoroCoro Comic Magazine. You can find them under "Newsbites"

Send in your cosplay pics for the gallery
Send in anything you feel like sending

"I could use pants"

May 12, 2005
Interestingly, this is my first "pre-update" ever. Before I tell you of the glorious things I shall create, I shall update you all on the events of my oh-so-enthralling life. I moved into my new house last sunday, and it is as exciting as it is orange, my orange townhouse in the slums. And my bedroom, tucked away in the attic, is as stuffy and hot as it is oddly shaped. My housemates are as annoying as they are mysterious, my cat is as charming as he is pitied, for he has been abandoned by the former tenants. No, for the record, his name is neither Mew nor Mewtwo. It is Bindu, which may or may not mean anything. Are any of you east-Indian? Can you tell me?

Furthermore, my prospective job seems to have been crushed beneath the toes of fate, as no one has follwed up that promise to call me with a start-date. Will I be forced to return to the menial workforce? TUNE IN AND FIND OUT! Man, I miss my job...

Furthermore, It is my birthday on Monday, and I will be alone. *tear* But nonethless! I persevere! Unemployed, I shall instead pour my energies into pointless activities, thus bringing us to the point of this update. I Found out I had some art featured in the February issue of Animerica. I think they've run just about everything I've ever sent in...Wish there were ways to check on that. Anyways. I'm planning to put up a new page featuring "In the Works", projects that are being worked on, but not yet up. These projects include a new article, Mii, Myself and Ai, examing the yasashii girls of the Pocket Monster films, the BOM imovie subtitling project, and the Ono-MSB scanslation project.

Send in your cosplay pics for the gallery

Send in anything you feel like sending

Stupid Utahraptor

April 25, 2005
Whoo, big honkin' update kids... The Radio Drama page has been revamped, as has the CD Page page. Two new CDs have been added (no, they're not new CDs. Just little-known ones). And it's not just the text that's changed on these pages. Oh, no, boys and girls... the Holy Grail of Pokemon is here. We have Myutsuu No tanjou all ready for download.

I know! Isn't this exciting? I would have killed for a website with this stuff four years ago. Actually, that's why I built KD. There was no websitge with this kind of stuff. Right now we're the only site I know of to host these files, so any that pop up in the future are probably using our m4a's...It's kind of like they're the offspring of KD....Hehe. But seriously, please drop us an e-mail before posting these up anywhere.. JigPu and I put a good deal of work into this, and we're both pretty nice kids. We just like to know where our hard work goes to...and we loooooove when someone links us!

Ok! That's it! What are you waiting for?! Go listen to the darn things!

Mamma Mia! Here we go again!

April 23, 2005
Toshihiro Ono Manga Confirmed!
The long-rumoured Dengeki Pikachuu manga focusing on Mewtwo's birth has finally been confirmed. Sharp-eyed reader Fearow sent us the link to a Japanese fansite in which the webmistress has scanned thumbnails shots of entire short story, as featured in a monthly manga magazine. This story offers a third "alternate beginning" to the film. While we don't yet have permission to make use of the images, it is my intention to first summarize, and then "scan-translate" the story for post here at KD.

Also, due to technical difficulties, we still don't have the BOM radio drama up here. We'll remedy this as soon as we hear back from JigPu concerning ftp/html problems.

Image hosted by

"Mewtwo! Destroy it, the laboratory, me, everything!"
"What? You are my parent. I cannot do such a thing."
Fuji and Myutsuu, Ono Manga

April 12, 2005
Host found! The fabulous JigPu of The Pokemon Repository has kindly agreed to host the Birth of Mewtwo Radio Drama in full. So, hold on to your hats, kids...It's coming.

Ware wa Korekutor

April 6, 2005
Ahoy-hoy! We finally have comics!! Five chapters of Pokemon Adventure are up. This means I've taken Master Mewtwo down for the time being, but it will go back in the future. Me again --the brand new Mewtwo chapters are ready for your reading pleasure! The files are zipped and downloadable in single folders for each chapter, for convenience. Check 'em out!

Also.... We want to host all of the BOM Radio Drama mp3s. Geocities does not offer us enough bandwidth to do this. Therefore, we need more webspace. I'm a poor university student. I eat a lot of peanut butter. I cannot afford a paid webspace for Kokowa Dokoda. So, I'm asking for your help. Send me an e-mail if you can think of a solution that wont cost money, or if you would like to volunteer some of your own webspace. Thanks guys.

Don't forget to check out Never Tried

Don't forget to send us your cosplay photos!

Pictures came and broke your heart
-Video Killed the Radio Star

April 2, 2005
Hey kids. A few cute new lookalikes. Also, a thumbs up to those of you who recieved our April-Fools e-mail. The picture isnt up here, yet, but it will be.

Here's the new issue. We want to host all of the BOM Radio Drama mp3s. Geocities does not offer us enough bandwidth to do this. Therefore, we need more webspace. I'm a poor university student. I eat a lot of peanut butter. I cannot afford a paid webspace for Kokowa Dokoda. So, I'm asking for your help. Send me an e-mail if you can think of a solution that wont cost money, or if you would like to volunteer some of your own webspace. Thanks guys.

Don't forget to check out Never Tried

Don't forget to send us your cosplay photos!

I can spell banananananana...I just don't know where to stop.

March 20, 2005
Hey-ho everyone. The Manga section has had a facelift, and while they arent up, I have about four chapters of Pocket Monster Special scanned. A small news blurb on the new movie. A few new lookalikes are in the fan section, also.

Don't forget to check out Never Tried

Don't forget to send us your cosplay photos!

And....Here's a new idea. Would there be an interest in KD obtaining a jukebox, internet radio station, or an audio download section? We have mp3 copies of Myutsuu No Tanjou, Myutsuu no Gyakushuu OST, Bokura no Best Friend and some English audio clips from Birth of Mewtwo. Should these be made available?

Other options: Kokowa Dokoda Store.
Is there an interest in KD producing burned mp3 CD copies of Myutsuu No Tanjou for those who cannot obtain it? Costs would be low, covering only shipping and materials --likely under ten dollars, depending where we have to ship to.

Please send e-mail to the Webmistress concerning any of these ideas. Your feedback determines what we do!

"Going to the hospital during flu season is about as healthy as licking dead bats."
-Lorne Elliot

March 11, 2005

Yep, Kokowa Dokoda has uploaded it's first Anime Music Video, in teeny-tiny downloadable format. Here's how you can check it out:
first, visit Anime Music
Now, if you arent already a member, join. You only need to have an e-mail address, and it's simple and free.
Now that you're a member, you can search videos. try by title, anime, artist or character.

Kokowa Dokoda worked in conjunction with Last Minute Productions to produce a short music video entitled Never Tried. Footage from all three Mewtwo-movies, music by Sarah Brightman and the Gregorian Chant Masters. Last Minute Productions is a very small, very unofficial homegrown filmhouse, and has been producing AMVs since 2003, and independant films since 2004. It is based in Ottawa (clever code for "this stupid thing I run with a couple of friends").

So...e-mail us, or leave a review. Let us know what you thought of Never Tried

Send us your cosplay pictures! A new section will go up if I can collect ten photos of pocket-monster cosplay. We have ONE donation so far, from me own dear mother. Add to the pile, kids!

"Megan, you look like a Jackie Chan movie with the sound turned off."
-Norman Ross

March 10, 2005
Hey, world. Small touchups. Images have been added to the CD section (not the BOM picture book, however. I have yet to scan that in. You've been waiting so patiently, guys. Send me an e-mail about it, and maybe I'll feel motivated. *laugh*) Thanks to Carolyn Chrisman for pointing out an HTML error in the CD section, too. Everyone, if there's an error --from spelling to information --I appreciate being told. I know this place really needs some touchups...a little paint, some caulking around the bathtub, and that garage... I can't improve if I don't have help!

Send us your cosplay pictures! A new section will go up if I can collect ten photos of pocket-monster cosplay. We have ONE donation so far, from me own dear mother. Add to the pile, kids!

And here, we see a cattle beast.

I feel shallow maintaining all this, but it's me job. *sigh* Real world sucks, but it's where I live. Anyway, a new trailer for the eighth movie is up, check out the info in newsbites. I have a pile of books to scan, too. goooooebay!


peanutbuttermew2 : Mewtwo: SO ANGSTY! Mew: meh.
peanutbuttermew2 : XD *imagines goth teenage mewtwo*
peanutbuttermew2 : mewtwo: I'm so full of haaaaaate!
peanutbuttermew2 : It would probably have a Morbid Poetry attack.

Feb ninteenth, 2005
Andrew Boate passed away suddenly today after a seizure. He went under and never came up. Andy was like a big toddler for his whole life. He always called me Sally, and he always wanted to go to see Grandma. I hope he liked seeing me, too.

Bye, Andy. We'll sing Jingle Bells the next time I see you.

No quote today, guys.

Feb thirteenth, 2005
Hey-o. several new news articles somewhere in here, thanks to the wonder that is a university library. Also, a new banner, thanks to the wonder that is Movie Night in Canada. (yep, turns out I can watch Amelie with subtitles and photoshop at the same time.) The theme isnt really a theme this year (in the past we had the Wonderland theme, and the Sea and Sky theme...) so this year we just have KD2005. Don't whine -- you're lucky to have that much!

"It's a white tomorrow,"
-Rocketto-Dan motto

Feb Sixth, 2005
Me again, again. Basic touchups, banners etc and, for the first time in a million years: an actual new article! We have the English translation of a magazine article written by Pokemon's Executive Producer on the Americanization of Japanese films, and we learn that we can't actually pin everything on 4Kids and WB. Check it.

"OK. I'm over the shock, now."
"I'm not, but I'm sure my gentle naivitè will survive."
-Sam & Max Hit the Road

Feb Fifth, 2005
I'll wager none of you expected me to be back again this year! *laugh* I've continued the overhaul, despite my geology textbook glaring at me from my desk. The motivation articles, here and here, the very first pieces this website contained, have been edited and largely rewritten. I have to say, I was actually pleased with how they aged. New banners are up in a number of places and much of the spelling and simple layouts have been updated. As always, this is identifiable by the "2005 Touchup" badge placed to the left of the page banner.
"Never shake n' bake a baby."
-Ted Kearney

Feb fourth, 2005
Ah, goodness me....Exactly twenty-four days short of a year since I last played with this page. Needless to say, it is not a priority. However, I was surprised to come across it on a search, and to discover new Guestbook entires. Also, I continue to recieve fan-mail, so I suppose I do have an obligation to at least keep a janitorial watch on this little place, eh? I'm afraid janitorial is all it will be, though. I kept this place fresh all through my highschool career, and I'm a university student, now. Funny, I have more spare time now than ever before. For those interested, I do have a life, and have gravitated away from any sort of internet circle, however, I do want to keep this place up. Deep down, I'm proud of it. Hopefully that means I'll finally rewrite all the articles that have been here since 2001.

"But, Megan," you're probably saying, "Why havent you updated in a year? Don't you love us?" Er...actually, most of you are darn creepy. For those interested, in the past year I've moved out of the country and back, worked for a small animation studio most of last year, started Art School, continued work on my novel, began to study Tae Kwon Do and wound up in a teensy Christian Rock band (Ever seen a flautist rocking out? You're missing something great...). How's that for busy? At any rate, guilt finally hit me while working on a music video (and in a comment someone made to me today regarding those lovely, lovely old gameboy games), so I'm here...a ghostly, immaterial version of my past busy self, but present nonetheless. As always, I'm available via e-mail.

Anyway, all New-And-Improved pages will bear this mark to show I've been in and editing...

In actual news....Mew is back. While Pokemon has long since vanished from the realms of North American popularity,it continues in the vein of Doreamon over in Japan (Doreamon, the little blue cat-robot releases a feature film each year, they now number in the dozens). The upcoming film, to be released in July is entitled Mew and the Wave-Conquering Hero. You can view the trailor and flip thorugh notes on the previous films at the official website Japanese, only. Unless you're a clever monkey and know how to use Alta Vista's Babel Fish Translator...
-"I'm the girl who gets sea-monkies and Lik-M-Aid mixed up!"

Feb Twenty-Ninth
Happy leap day. Wow, long time no update, folks! And it's a small one, too. Ah, well... FireyMewtwo mailed us some new "Say WHAT?"s. Check 'em out.
-"I like boring things."
-Andy Warhol

August Third
Hey y'all. Two new movie parodies are up in Fan Attack they are Beauty and the Beast and Lilo & Stitch. Also in the Fan Attack section is our new awards page. We received a lovely site award from Kaffeen @ Shoogar We are so proud, we are!
-"When the last eagle flies over the last crumbling mountain, and the last lion roars at the last dusty fountain. In the shadows of the forest, though she may be old and worn, they will stare unbelieving at the last unicorn..."

May 16th
It's mai birthday! Send me things! *ahem* As you've probably noticed, we've done some housekeeping in the older sections, tidying them up and updating their contents, or employing new HTML knowledge to them. An article on the special edition DVD is the newest addition to our happy pocket monster family. In pointless information, Mewtwo appears making the oh-so-avent-garde fashion statement of wearing a big cape in the previews for the seventh(?)Pocket Monster film. I have screenshots, courtesy of Denise.

And did I mention it was my birthday? Send me kiribans! E-mail me with pleasant messages! Make me feel special!
-"In your face, Space Coyote!"

April 10th
First off, I'd like to wish my dear sister, Erin, a happy belated birthday. You're eleven, and I love you to bits! Don't be growing up so fast, kiddo! *blows kisses*
A small update, as is the norm. The splash page has returned to it's original state, save the anti-hentai banner. There's finally a banner in the music section And I added some old banners to the fan art section. Jolly good!.
"Ted's jokes are so lame. That's why we call him Lame Ted!"
"You mean it's not? because of my deformed leg?"

February 14th
Happy Valentines day, all. I suggest celebrating with those candy heart with words on them. I know they taste like chalk, but they're FUN. (Incidently, mine said "No Way" on it.) No major update, but a few aesthetic things, namely, a new "hentai free" button on the splash page, below the valentine splash from last year, a valentine banner on the index, and a scan from the Kaze To Issho Ni songbook in the CD section. Now, if you have a sweetheart, tell them that you appreciate them. If you, like me, dont, go and gorge yourself on chocolate to make up for it. >)

"The I love is being molested, and there's nothing I can do!"
"I'm NOT being molested!"
-Kodomo No Omocha

January twenty-seventh
THERE! I did it! An actual update -- a whole new section, in fact! All the lryrics, both Japanese, English and translated, to all the Myutsuu no gyakushuu themed CDs. this thing took forever to HTML and finish, and it still hasnt got it's banner up yet, but it's there, and it's done. *bows*
"Never Shake n' Bake a baby."

January twenty-third
Ooh, it's been a while! Sorry all, it's just an itty bitty update, two new faces in the lookalike section. I do have a brand new section underway, but it's taking me a while to do all the HTML work, please be forgiving. It's been a harrowing few days of exams, a painful few weeks of studying, and projects, and a lovely visit to sunny Florida. ^.-
"Funny, funny little ! Funny little !" --Galaxie Frauline Yuna

September twenty-ninth
FInally, fans! an update! Anice big one, to make up for your patient waiting. The humour section has been transformed into a "fan attack". Meaning that fanart is now kept there, thanks to Angelfire. A couple of new banners are up, and the convention report has been completed, along with a section about Kokowa Dokoda's webmistress. It was so much fun to meet some of you at CNAnime, and your costumes were all so great! Love yaaaa!
~Webmistress "I it when destiny calls. Destiny needs to mind it's own business."

August Ninteenth
Not an update, as such, but an announcement. (And no, before you start to panic, we're not closing.) The webmistress (AKA, me) Will be attending CNAnime,at the Toronto Convention Center This coming Saturday, the 24th. I will also then be off to National Music Camp. I promise a full report on my convention adventure, after my return from NMC. Sadly, I wont have a booth or anything, I'm just going as a fan (and my parents nixed the costume. boo.) But keep an eye out for me!
Slim, straight haired brunnette teen, accompanied by another teen, sporting stylin' permed hair. If anyone expresses an interest, I'll load a photo so y'all can track me down. Updates as they come, ladies an' gents.
~Webmistress "Oh, to be young and swedish and going on a rampage..."

August Seventh
Not much news, ladies and gents. A small update to Myutsuu ware wa Kokoni Ari
~Webmistress "I dont have enough blanket...*shuffle shuffle* Now I have too MUCH blanket..."

July sixteenth
I added a few more "look alikes" to the humour section. It would work better if you peopple sent some in, though *bats eyelashes*. Also, while shopping yesterday I picked up another MATO manga with a few more comics about Mewtwo and mew, and the MSB screencomic (which, while lame, was enjoyable!) I mat scan some up later, but dont hold your breath waiting. ^.-
~Webmistress "All I ask for is total and blind subserviance. Is that so wrong?"

July Fourth
Today is the fourth of July. But I am not going to wish anyone a happy Indepandance day. No, instead I am going to throw my patriotism at you and wish you all a BELATED Canada Day. That's right! CANADA DAY! Whoo!
*ahem* Alright. I'm good. At any rate, as you can see we have changed over to our summer motif: Kokowa Dokoda: Home for the Summer And I hope to have a fresh banner index banner soon. In actual updates, a new movie parody is available here as well as the debut of shots from the "missing chapter" -- Myutsu Ga Miteiru!. Now, y'all have a happy post-Canada day. >)
~Webmistress "It's not that I think I can do anything -- It's that I dont know I can't."

July Third
A section added -- Humour! The fact is, however, that it's VERY small right now. It will be "under construction" for the time being. Please bear with us. Also, the "look alikes" section is up, please feel free to send us your suggestions. And the Movies section is in as well, with only one flick. But I'll be working on changing that ASAP!
~Webmistress "Why is it everytime we get together something threatens the planet?! What is this-- the Apocolypse Tea Group?"

May Ninth
A section added to "Mewtwo strikes back", with reviews from the writer, and magazine. Always good, right?
~Webmistress "Above there are stars"

April Twenty-fourth
Just a small update. The long-absent game information sections in Mew and Mewtwo's personal pages have been added.we recieved some Fanart over the weekend, and thus, plan to create a section for it soon.
"ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE shinjiteru yume miru chikara te wo nobashi tsukamou kazoekirenai mirai" ~ Rayearth OVA

April Sixth
It's April! and in the spirit of spring, and snow finally melting, the Master Mewtwo comic is now up and running, in the manga section! it took a long time to get set up, so please be patient and please dont snitch these without e-mailing me! ^_^;
~Webmistress "Sheena, get in the portal."

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