This site was boring. You know it was. That because it was all information, and things you might actually want to know, if you were obsessive and such (not that I am...),and as a result, it was boring. But here it is, folks -- Fan Input. Good stuff, like stories and pictures, and shippings. If this site were a meal, this part would be the chocolate cheesecake. Here, It's all opinions and stupid jokes! So, take of your shoes and give your feet some air, because no one is taking you seriously anymore!

And, hey --send us some stuff! We'd love to have it, because we sure arent going to do any more work!

Art GalleryFan art, that being art by fans
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What was that?Things They'll Never Say
Myutsuu Ga MiteiruNo, you didnt just see this.
Awards and honoursStuff people give us. ^_^

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