*Myutsuu no Tanjou*
The Birth of Mewtwo

Myutsuu no Tanjou is the CD drama included in the Sound Picture Box Mewtwo set, which was released shortly after the premier of the first Pocket Monsters film in the summer of 1998. Like it's sister set, It's a White Tomorrow!(Rocket-Gang Radio Drama), this CD set includes an audio play in five acts and a picture book. Sound Picture Box Mewtwo includes two CD disks, a miniature hardcover picture book and a plastic slipcase.

Disk One: This disk is engraved with a pink-and-blue image of infant Mewtwo and his friend, Ai. It contains five tracks which comprise Myutsuu No Tanjou: Pocket-Monster Radio Drama. It runs roughly one hour and covers the early days of Team Rocket, the discovery of Mew, the history of the scientist who created Mewtwo, and Mewtwo's childhood. Similar to the read-along tapes we had when we were kids, this disk is accompanied by a lavish CD-size hardcover book, with 64 pages of full colour illustrations. Characters that do not appear in any film or television show are illustrated in animation style, and some that do appear are depicted differently.

Disk Two: This second disk is engraved in yellow with Mew and Mewtwo. It contains twenty-three background music tracks, two vocal tracks and short dialogue clips from the film Myutsuu no Gyakushu. See the CD Page for details and lyrics. This disk is interesting in the Japanese score is not the same as the American one, save for two or three tracks.

Sound Picture Box Mewtwo is well worth your money, even if you dont speak Japanese. This disk has become harder adn harder to find in recent years, but is still purchasable in some online venues. If you choose to have a copy shipped from Japan through these stores, be sure that your copy is emblazoned with the Pikachu Records insignia. Companies such as Son May have produced bootleg editions, and these volumes do not include the artbooks.

Now that you've let me chatter on, you can get down to it. For your convenience, we offer you a translation and m4a download of the Radio Drama here, at Kokowa Dokoda

April 25th, 2005 It's here! Thanks to the efforts of Jigpu of The Pokemon Repository, we can now offere you audio downloads. The M4a files of Myutsuu No Tanjou were created by myself specifically for Kokowa Dokoda. Please contact either Jigpu or myself before using them elsewhere. (Hey, we're both pretty nice. We just like to know where our stuff is wandering to.) Kokowa Dokoda and The Pokemon Repository are at the time of this upate the only English-language websites on the 'net with these files available. We get to brag, wheee!

CD Drama: Sound Picture Box Mew Two

Episode 1: The Phantom Mew Rocket Agent Miyamoto is sent to the Andes in search of a phantom. Download Audio
Episode 2: The Birth of Mewtwo Mewtwo is not the only clone in Dr.Fuji's Laboratory... Download Audio
Episode 3: Mewtwo and Ai Mewtwo and Ai-two become friends, but clones can't live forever. Download Audio
Episode 4: The World's strongest PokémonMewtwo awakes with one question --who am I and what is my worth? Download Audio
Episode 5: Mewtwo's CounterattackMewtwo rebels against its trainer, vows revenge, and sets out on its own Download Audio

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The Myutsuu no Tanjou M4a files were created by Yours Truely and are hosted by JigPu of The Pokemon Repository At the time of their upload, these are a Kokowa Dokoda/Pokemon Repository exclusive. Feel free to mail us about their use!

This translation of Myustuu no Tanjou was provided by Mondu, of the former PMTranslations, and is his property. It is featured here with his permission. Many thanks, Mondu.

While AnimeNation no longer stocks Pokemon goods, you can find BOM for purchase at Amazon. Or, more directly (and cheaply) at CD Japan. Both are less than I paid, so there you are!

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