The Birth of Mewtwo: Episode IV (The World's Strongest Pokemon)

Sakaki: Pocket Monsters the Radio Drama: The Birth of Mewtwo, Episode #4.

Ai: (Pluse sound is heard) You're going to live. I'm sure living will be wonderful. (Pulse signal goes flat)

Computer: Life signs have stopped.

Dr. Fuji: Ai had dissolved away in the glass tube. It was a life where she didn't step outside of it.

Mewtwo: Ai, it won't stop...the tears. What should I do? Ai? Answer me...Ai...

Dr. Fuji: I don't mind. As long as we have the analysis of Ai, we can make as many copies as I want. I won't give up.

?Mewtwo: Make them? As many as you want? That is not right. There is only one Ai.

Dr. Fuji: I can make many copies as long as I have a base.

Mewtwo: There was one Ai who talked to me.

Researcher: (Laboratory computer makes sound) Mewtwo's brainwaves are quite agitated.

Dr. Fuji: It's not good if we stimulate it right now. Put in a tranquilizer. Put it to sleep.

Researcher: Yes sir. (Mewtwo falls asleep) Tranquilizer injected, the brainwaves are calming down. Brainwaves normal. Mewtwo is asleep.

Dr. Fuji: Good. We only have the tips of the fossil of Mew's eyelashes. (To Researcher) Listen to me, we can't recreate it over and over like Ai. Please treat it carefully.

Mewtwo: (Thinking to himself) I was asleep for a long time. About Ai and about the pokemon made here...everything disappeared beyond my sleep. But...I was screaming. Over and over...I was screaming the same thing. Where is this place? Who am I? Who brought me here?

Dr. Fuji: And that day arrived...

Mewtwo: Where is this? Who am I? Who brought me here? (With adult voice) Where is this place? Who am I? Who brought me here? (Breaks glass confine which contains him)

Dr. Fuji: What? (Mewtwo's power overwhelmed Dr. Fuji)

Computer: Intense emotional vibrations. Source: Mewtwo. It is Mewtwo.

Dr. Fuji: Mewtwo has awakened...completely!

Researcher: The experiment is a success!

Dr. Fuji: But...this is...

Researcher: Yes, it's much more powerful than we thought! (Mewtwo completely breaks the glass container)

Dr. Fuji: (Narrating) Psychic powers, binding powers, psychokinesis...there are many pokemon which have these powers. But the psychic powers emitted by Mewtwo are so strong beyond range.

Mewtwo: What is this power? WHAT AM I?! (Attacks the laboratory)

Researcher: This can't be...Mewtwo is rapidly developing!

Computer: (Alarm sound is heard) Danger! Will begin automatic security system. Will attack Mewtwo.

Dr. Fuji: No!

Computer: (Shoots and kills Mewtwo. Life pulse goes flat) Mewtwo's life responses have diminished.

Dr. Fuji: What have you done?!

Researcher: Please wait! Mewtwo is...

Dr. Fuji: What?

Computer: Mewtwo's life responses are back. Mewtwo is regenerating itself now.

Dr. Fuji: Regereration? Splendid!

Mewtwo: Who's the one who attacked me?! Who's the one who tried to eliminate me?!

Computer: Danger. Will begin automatic security system. Will eliminate Mewtwo.

Mewtwo: You?!

Computer: Will attack.

Mewtwo: I won't let you! (Attacks the laboratory computer)

Computer: (Malfunctioning) Danger. sys...tem...annot function... (Computer explodes)

Dr. Fuji: Splendid, Mewtwo! I can't believe those powers.

Mewtwo: Mewtwo...Mewtwo?

Dr. Fuji: That's you. We created you from what's said to be the rarest pokemon on Earth.

Mewtwo: Mewtwo...I am the 2nd of Mew.

Mew: Mew.

Mewtwo: But Mew...what is Mew?

Mew: Mew...mew...meeew...

Dr. Fuji: (Narrating) I pointed to the portait of Mew on the wall. (Speaking to Mewtwo) That's Mew. The rarest pokemon on earth.

Mewtwo: that my parent? My father? My mother?

Dr. Fuji: You can call it that, but perhaps not. You were created using its eyelash fossil as a base.

Mewtwo: Who? If not father, nor mother, then it must be God! Are you telling me that God has created me?

Dr. Fuji: The only ones who can create life in this world is only God and humans. But...

Mewtwo: But?

Dr. Fuji: Humans are probably the only ones who can create life in glass tubes.

Mewtwo: All of you? You humans...made me,..a pokemon...? Me? Who am I? Where is this place? Why was I born? (Starts to attack the laboratory)

Dr. Fuji: To make the world's strongest pokemon...that was our dream.

Mewtwo: In that case, I'll show you whether your dream has come true or not. THIS IS MY STRENGTH! (Mewtwo's powers blow up the New Island laboratory)

Dr. Fuji: (Narrating) Mewtwo's powers were stronger than anyone had imagined. The whole research laboratory was blown away.

Mewtwo: (Sounds of waves crashing) This is my strength. I am strong.

Mew: Mew?

Mewtwo: Hm? Where are you, Mew? Am I the strongest in this world, Mew? Am I stronger than even you?

Mew: Mew...mew..mew...

Mewtwo: Mew..where are you going? Are you saying that you won't even talk to a copy like me? Is that right? Mew, show yourself to me. Show me who's stronger!

Sakaki: (Appears near Mewtwo) It's true that you may be the rarest and the world's strongest pokemon. If you can prove that, I'm sure the real Mew will not leave you alone either.

Mewtwo: Are you saying that Mew might appear if so?

Sakaki: Perhaps. But even if you are the strongest pokemon, there are stronger creatures.

Mewtwo: Besides pokemon?

Sakaki: Strong humans like me. I am the boss of the Rocket Gang, Sakaki. I am a strong human planning to take over this world.

Mewtwo: Humans, strong? You, strong?

Sakaki: Humans created you. Humans have the knowledge and power to create the strongest pokemon.

Mewtwo: Knowledge and power?

Sakaki: If humans and you join forces, then the world is ours!

Mewtwo: The world is ours...

Sakaki: But...if we let your powers be, the world will only perish. You will have to control your powers.

Mewtwo: Control?

Sakaki: You don't mind burning up the world as you have this laboratory?

Mewtwo: What should I do? (Armor and chains suppress Mewtwo)

Mewtwo: That...

Sakaki: We'll suppress your powers with these chains and armor. (More placement of armor and chains) When it's needed, I'll take these chains and armor off and release your power

Mewtwo: What are you trying to make me do?

Sakaki: Easy. We just continue what has been done on this planet for many, many years.

Mewtwo: What is it?

Sakaki: Fighting, destroying, and plundering...the strong wins. We'll start by catching pokemon. Then we'll know your true strength as well.

Mewtwo: Catching pokemon?

Sakaki: Not copies, real ones.

Mewtwo: And then I want to defeat the real Mew.

Sakaki: You will be an existence that will surpass even Mew. Then, you will be the world's strongest pokemon.

Mewtwo: The world's strongest! (Thinking to himself) Living creatures don't shed tears. If they do, it's only tears of pain. I'll not cry even tears of sadness or pain. Because I must be the world's strongest...I don't have sadness nor pain! (Speaks to Sakaki) You...Sakaki right?

Sakaki: That's right. I'm Sakaki. I'm a human, fit to dominate this world.

Mewtwo: How many species of pokemon are there in this world?

Sakaki: Easily over 150.

Mewtwo: I'll show you my strength!

Miyamoto: (Blizzard wind blows in the Andes Mountains) Mew...Mew!...where are you?! After all, I'm Miyamoto-chan. I won't give up It's about time my separated daughter will marry off...I want to let her wear a beautiful wedding gown. Mew! Come out! It's me, Miyamoto-chan. (Wind blows again)

CAST: (Family name for each voice actor is shown in all caps)
Mewtwo: Mewtwo. ICHIMURA Masachika
Dr. Fuji: Dr. Fuji. AKIMOTO Yousuke
Mew: Mew. YAMADERA Kouichi
Young Mewtwo: Young Mewtwo. TAKIMOTO Fujiko
Ai: Ai. HIKAMI Kyouko
Miyamoto: Miyamoto. TOUMA Yumi
Researcher: Researcher. KONISHI Katsuyuki
Sakaki: ...and Sakaki. SUZUOKI Hirotaka
~brought this [radio drama] to you.

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