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Lily's Weight Loss Experience

Welcome to my webpage dedicated to my effort to slim down and shape up. My weight loss goal is 30 pounds. Though I never have qualified as clinically overweight, being 5' 5" and 145 pounds at my greatest, I knew that if I continued my eating habits as is, it would only be a few more months until my Body Mass Index would be high enough to qualify. In mid-January 2001, I decided to do something about my weight and my nutrition before it got out of control.

I recognize that many other women and men have an even greater struggle than my challenge. I have never suffered from condemning stares, health difficulties such as hypothyrodism or diabetes, eating disorders, and finding clothes that will fit me. I am certain that many, many of these people would love to be 145 pounds, and may be resentful that I want to be a slim 115 pounds, (at the low-end of a healthy BMI), and fit into a size 4 or 6 jeans. Yes, in this way, my weight loss is 'cosmetic'.

However, I also believe that all those that want to responsibily lose weight of any amount and better their nutrition have these common goals:

  • Desire for increased energy
  • Reduced risk of disease
  • Greater enjoyment out of life

That said, please continue exploring. In the 'body history' section, you will find a recount of my life and weight to the present. In the 'about me' section, I describe myself, my (often controversial) viewpoints. The 'weight loss plan' will outline what I am doing to slim down and shape up. In the 'journal' section, you will find my daily thoughts on weightloss, progress, and anything else that seems related. And, of course, who could forget the 'favorite links' to other weight loss journalers and weight loss resources.

IntroductionBody HistoryAbout MeWeight Loss PlanJournalFavorite LinksEmail Me

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