Shvaidak Ura Maximovich. PHYSICIST-THEORIST,Candidate in the nominee on The Nobel Prize on nuclear physics from organizations of  Russia and
Germany  (“The Cefer model of core of atom”,Theminister of a Science and Technology under the program UN " Genesis 2 ", Founder and the president
of Academy of Cosmo Sofia, Academician of Cosmo Sofia, Member of a International Bartonian`s Metaphysical Society (ВМS, Canada),The member of the International Organization " an Award of the World " (USA), Co-author of the best seller " Charm of Secret " (1992), Author of the monographies “The World Invisible " and “Cosmo Sofia” , assembled in one volume under the name
" In Heavens and Abyss of Cosmo Sofia”, and also books ,”Experiences with eternity on to road home ","Russian Magic ",”The poetical tetrades of Who Behind that party”. Is submitted in World electronic network more than in 200 webs. A key word :SHVAIDAK. Tel:8-265-417-34 (for Kiev) ,
8-044-654-17-34 (for Other Ukraine), 380-44-654-17-34 (for other world).

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